'I was as starstruck as she was": Simon Pegg reveals how his daughter helped him become a BTS fan

Simon Pegg on becoming a BTS Fan [image via Twitter]
Simon Pegg on becoming a BTS Fan [image via Twitter]

There is no shortage of celebrities in the huge fanbase of BTS, called the ARMY. One of them is the British actor and filmmaker, Simon Pegg. During the BBC talk-show, The One Show, Pegg opened up about his love for the K-Pop boy band and becoming a part of BTS ARMY.

The actor stated that he got into the boy band's music, thanks to his daughter. Sharing his experience at the band's concert, he said:

"We got to meet them and I was as starstruck as she was."
"We got to meet them and I was as starstruck as she was."@simonpegg reveals how his daughter got him into @bts_bighit! 🤩🎶Stream #TheOneShow on @BBCiPlayer 👉 #BTSARMY
Simon Pegg and his daughter Matilda/Tilly talking about seokjin in their recent live.They discussed Jin's acting education simon taking pic with Jin's standee earlier. Wished for him to act soon. His upcoming ost and Chris Martin gifting him guitar😍

Previously, the actor of Star Trek, Mission Impossible and Shaun of the Dead shared videos of him vibing to the group's songs on his Instagram Stories. He also spoke about his struggle with choosing bias much like every other member of the ARMY.

Speaking about the K-Pop group, the actor said:

"I love BTS. I think they’re great. I think those boys are so talented and hard-working… I know them from my daughter’s love of them. …They work so damn hard, and they’re so talented."

Additionally, Simon Pegg confessed about his dilemma on narrowing down on his bias:

“I had a big Jimin moment… Jin, I love. I love them, all of the boys, all of them. Jungkook, V, RM… He’s a good leader, RM.”

Here’s how Simon Pegg became a BTS fan

[VIDEO] @BTS_twt Actor Simon Pegg & his daughter wished #RM a Happy Birthday! He also said:🫐 His favorite BTS song is "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)".🫐 His bias right now is RM since it's his birthday. 🫐 Him & his daughter Tilly are ARMYs.

During the chat show, Simon Pegg shared his personal journey of becoming a part of the BTS ARMY. He added that it was his daughter who got him interested in the band.

Just Simon Pegg at Glastonbury festival proving his love for @BTS_twt , once again, that all Music deserves a chance and a listen!! He is a forever #ARMY @BTS_twt

Pegg's 13-year-old daughter Matilda "Tilly" introduced her father to the world of K-Pop. Tilly is an avid follower of a number of K-Pop bands and was the one who got her father interested in her favorite artist - BTS.

Speaking about his discovery of the band, Pegg said:

“I have a daughter, Tilly. She’s very much into K-Pop. She knows her K-Pop inside out. She sat me down… She knows I’m a bit of a grumpy old Indie kid, you know what I mean. I’m a bit of an old rocker. She said, ‘Listen to this,’ and I listened to it. And it was really great.”

Though Pegg's preferred music genre wasn't pop, after learning about BTS, he began listening to several other K-Pop bands. One of his other favorites and regular bands is NCT 127.

Speaking about his love for K-Pop, the actor stated:

"I’ve really enjoyed getting into them and finding a love of pop which I didn’t think I had."

Pegg's experience of meeting the boy band

Earlier, Simon Pegg and Tilly flew down to Las Vegas to attend BTS' concert PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. That's when Pegg confessed that meeting the K-Pop group was as much a fan moment for him as it was for his daughter.

Simon Pegg's will be in the bts pts concert later. Hope to see his and seokjin's interaction and him praising seokjin for his acting😍#Yours_Jin #SuperTuna_Jin #JIN #SEOKJIN…

The father-daughter duo spoke about their experience of meeting the K-Pop group in person and Tilly said that it was an "amazing and petrifying" experience.

The teen was also amazed at how tall the group was and said:

“They’re really tall, they’re seriously tall!”
"We got to meet them and I was as starstruck as she was."@simonpegg reveals how his daughter got him into @bts_bighit! 🤩🎶Stream #TheOneShow on @BBCiPlayer 👉 #BTSARMY

Simon Pegg, on the other hand, said that he was star-struck when he met the group but also had a conversation with Jimin and RM.

Pegg spoke about his conversation with RM and stated that he was quite impressed. Recalling the conversation, he said:

‘I spoke mainly to RM ’cause his English is so good, and he’d been to see Baby Driver before, so I knew he was kind of aware of us as filmmakers. So, yeah, we had a nice chat.’

Pegg also spoke about sharing a jovial moment with Jimin, who was amused when he was addressed by his nickname.

From the pictures Pegg shared on his Instagram, it was quite obvious that both the father and daughter were star-struck at meeting their K-Pop idols.

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