“I thought that it's better to quickly enlist and return”: BTS’ J-hope reveals why he decided to cancel his military postponement

BTS' J-hope explains the reason behind his military enlistment (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

On February 26, 2023, BTS’ J-hope took ARMYs by surprise by announcing that he has terminated his military postponement. This means that he is eligible to enlist in the military and will be called upon to serve anytime soon.

The news sent shockwaves amongst fans, and the Arson singer took to Weverse to host a live broadcast to explain to ARMYs the reason behind his sudden decision.

During his live broadcast, BTS' J-hope clarified that his decision wasn't a sudden one, but something that he had thought of. He said that he was working on this plan since last year. J-hope also spoke about bandmate Jin's enlistment during his broadcast on Sunday.

The singer said that Jin had given his own enlistment serious thought, which was why the former volunteered to go next. He said that he could go next, fulfill his duties towards his country, and return to BTS as soon as possible.

J-hope said:

“Following Jin's enlistment, I thought to myself 'when should I be enlisting?'. I thought that it's better to quickly enlist and return, to show you an even better side of myself. Thus, this is the decision that I have made."

BTS’ J-hope confirmed that he will be sharing various content before enlisting in the military

In the same live, BTS’ J-hope pacified ARMYs and told them that he wouldn't be enlisting right away. He added that he would film various content for his fans and share it with them before enlisting in the military. He revealed that he has a few things to share with ARMYs before enlisting, hinting that some exciting music and other pieces of content will be released soon.

Shortly after his Weverse live, BIG HIT MUSIC confirmed that the sinegr would be releasing a solo single, on the street, this week, ahead of his impending enlistment.

According to a statement, BTS’ J-hope has penned the new solo on the street himself. In it, he has shared his honest and candid feelings towards Bangtan’s fans and the love they have showered on the group over the years.

The title is a reference to his roots, the origin of his dream which is street dance, and with this, he wanted to pay homage to his street dancing days. ARMYs took to social media to share their reactions to the Jack in the Box hitmaker's upcoming single on the street.

As soon as the MORE singer made the announcement about enlisting in the military, BTS’ oldest member Jin, shared some advice for his fellow BTS member. As mentioned earlier, Jin is currently serving his mandatory military service.

The Moon singer called BTS’J-hope to share his words of wisdom and advised him on what to expect and how to prepare for his upcoming military service without divulging much.

Furthermore, Jin left a “Welcome” comment on one of J-hope’s old Weverse posts signifying that the group’s oldest member will soon have company in the military.

The Epiphany singer joked with BTS’ J-hope that if he encounters him in the military, he should avoid greeting him. This is so as Jin is now a commander and J-hope will be a mere trainee, to which the Arson singer replied with a ‘salute emoticon’.

BTS’ J-hope foreshadowed his enlistment in the past

Fans noticed that the singer foreshadowed his military enlistment on his birthday Weverse live on February 18, 2023.

When a fan asked him if he had plans to host a world tour like bandmate SUGA, BTS’ J-hope smiled in response to the query without replying to it.

Fans believe this is why he has been working hard for the past couple of months and putting out more solo content than any other member.

on the street will release on March 3, 2023, at 2 pm KST.

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