“On the Street is coming”: ARMYs excited as BTS’ J-Hope set to release his new solo single

Featuring BTS
Featuring BTS' J-Hope (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On February 26, Bighit Entertainment made an official announcement that BTS’ J-Hope is set to release his new solo single On the Street.

On the same day, the agency made the announcement that BTS’ J-Hope has started his military enlistment process and also applied for the termination of his enlistment postponement. In South Korea, it is mandatory for every able-bodied male citizen to serve in the military as the country is still in discord with North Korea.

Fans are excited to listen to the upcoming solo single of the idol with a heavy heart as this will be his last song before his enlistment in the army.

“Last gift from J-Hope before Military service”: Fans are both excited and sad for the BTS member’s upcoming single

In a statement released by Bighit Entertainment, the agency mentioned that the idol has written the track to share his real feelings with fans. The song title refers to his roots, which inspired him to dream of becoming an artist. The agency stated:

“j-hope wrote the track to share his candid feelings towards his fans. The title “on the street” refers to j-hope's roots—street dance—from which his dream to become an artist began, and the path the artist and fans will continue to walk together.”

The agency further shared that they hope the song will be a meaningful gift to everyone who supports the artist. Fans are expressing their concerns at the idol’s military enlistment but are elated to receive the last gift from the idol before he leaves them for some time.

One fan tweeted:

“This is a comeback, this is his present for us, let's give him THE BEST and prepare ourselves! Get your accounts ready to stream! Share the comeback info on your social media! WE GOT THIS ON THE STREET IS COMING JHOPE ON THE STREET”

Following the idol’s military announcement, the member also went live on the South Korean social media app Weverse, where he shared that he loves his fans very much.

This made fans more emotional as he asked them to fill the comment section with purple hearts to support him. After watching the Live, one fan tweeted:

“The way he said it why does it feel so emotional, I'm tearing up😭 he prepared the last present for us just like how seokjin prepared so many presents for us before going, god jung hoseok I love u sm”

Meanwhile, the official Twitter accounts of BTS have changed their layout ahead of J-Hope’s upcoming solo single On the Street. The new layout is in yellow, with J-Hope’s new song’s name written on it.

BTS’ J-Hope recently became the brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton

The BTS member was recently announced as the newest brand ambassador for the luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton. He also attended the brand’s 2023 Fall-Winter Men’s collection.

Back in 2021, the brand Louis Vuitton signed BTS for the first time as their House Ambassador, which set the K-pop community abuzz.

J-Hope’s upcoming solo single, On the Street, is slated to premiere on March 3, 2023, at 2 pm KST.

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