"Inflicting mental pain on our artists" Seventeen's agency denounces invasion of privacy

SEVENTEEN (Image via Twitter/@pledis_17jp)
SEVENTEEN (Image via Twitter/@pledis_17jp)

SEVENTEEN'S agency, Pledis Entertainment, issued a statement in response to the recent increase in the group's privacy invasion cases.

This comes after the agency released a set of guidelines for fans in October to prevent further incidents that compromise the safety of the idols. The recent statement reads:

"Despite previous notices, we're still witnessing continuous unauthorized entering into artists' private spaces other than venues officially announced as Seventeen's official activity, including dorms, hotels, hair and makeup shops, and more as well as invasion into artists' privacy within the airport's security zones."

Pledis said that there were multiple violations of the guidelines during the group's BE THE SUN tour, with fans attempting to get very close to the artist at airports, trying to make conversation in planes, waiting at their hotels, and even entering their hotel rooms. They added:

"Such repeated actions are inflicting mental pain on our artists."

The label warned that fans indulging in these activities will be blacklisted from participating in the band's events as well as face legal action from the company.

pledis release a statement regarding the invasion of seventeen’s privacy before BeTS Bulacan, so please lang. Yung mga nangyari sana during BeTS Manila magsitahimik na kayo sa mga lungga niyo. Tantanan niyo seventeen sa kabaliwan niyo.

"Respect SEVENTEEN'S privacy" CARATS call fans invading the group's privacy as "fake"

With it being the second notice for fans in less than two months, several CARATS (the group's official fandom) expressed their disappointment on Twitter.

They said that SEVENTEEN should not have to beg for their privacy, as it is their right as human beings to have their personal space and the duty of fans to respect it.

Calling out fans who indulge in such inappropriate behavior as "fake fans" and "sasaengs" (obsessive fans), CARATS said no real fan will deliberately want to cause mental pain and trauma to their favorite idol.

seventeen shouldn’t have to beg for respect to their privacy. i want to ask these so called carats who are literally breaking bones just to invade their personal svt’s personal space why they’re doing this. it’s basic — don’t do to others what you don’t want others do unto you.
@moe_dango Of course I know. How peaceful and cool fans they are. I like their positivity fun loving side. This type of stalking behavior can come from saesang fans. If any obsessive fans call themselves CARAT they won't add in true positive CARATS
@soompi @mclissa77 I really wanna kno what goes on in “fans” heads when they do stuff like this. Like ik SVT is amazing and I would die to meet them to but is it really worth the risk of getting arrested, having a huge fine to pay, and being blacklisted just to say “hi I’m a huge fan!”???
how are you, a carat, supposedly a fan, comfortable with the thought that you’re the cause of your idols’ discomfort and mental distress? stay in your lane and respect their privacy.

They urged every fan to be mindful of the guidelines mentioned in the fan etiquette issued by Pledis Entertainment and make efforts to ensure that the group is proud of their fandom.

Moreover, they encouraged the label to take strict measures against the fans who do not abide by the rules so that the idols can be protected at all costs.

do NOT call yourself a carat if you are still doing things to invade seventeen’s privacy in ANY capacity after pledis’s statement about the repetitive nature of the invasion being mentally distressing for the boys. do NOT.

SEVENTEEN'S Japan concerts turned into a festival in three cities

HYBE implemented their City project for the group's Be the Sun dome concerts across three Japanese cities, including Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.

For the unversed, the music company undertakes the project to enrich fan experiences before and after concerts. Through multiple food, merch, and activity booths around the concert venues, the company aims to engage the whole city in celebrating the artists.

.@pledis_17 lit up Japan with "Seventeen Be The Sun The City" project. Sharing official pictures of the city-wide festivity made by Seventeen and Carats! Here's the first batch of pics of Osaka flushed in orange. 🧡 #SEVENTEEN #BETHESUN #SEVENTEEN_THE_CITY #세븐틴

From mid-November until earlier this month, express trains in Osaka were covered in the group's images, the Tokyo Skytree observation tower lit up in orange while a Seventeen-themed photo exhibition was hosted in Nagoya.

HYBE's first city project was undertaken for the BTS world tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] in Seoul in 2019.

The Mansae singers will next perform in Bulacan, the Philippines, on December 17 and Jakarta, Indonesia on December 28, 2022.

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