"It makes me nervous": Catherine Paiz responds to cheating allegations surrounding Austin McBroom

Catherine Paiz addresses the cheating rumors surrounding husband Austin McBroom (Image via Instagram)
Catherine Paiz addresses the cheating rumors surrounding husband Austin McBroom (Image via Instagram)

Following the ongoing cheating allegations surrounding Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz officially responded on June 18th by claiming that the rumors give her "anxiety" and make her "nervous."

Just hours before the highly anticipated June 12th fight between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall at the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, Tana Mongeau made allegations via TikTok and Twitter, claiming that the former was cheating on Catherine Paiz.

Tana had alleged that the lipstick once found in Austin's car was not hers, as she previously claimed to Catherine, but someone else's. Erika Costell then attempted to clear the air by stating it was hers. However, this sparked backlash when people thought she was the 29-year-old's "mistress."

Catherine Paiz responds to allegations

On Friday afternoon, the model took to Instagram to voice her concerns over the cheating rumors being spread about Austin McBroom.

Catherine Paiz began by addressing the messages from fans asking her if she was okay, to which she answered that she wasn't using her phone.

"I was off my phone for a couple of days. I was spending time with family. I spend my undivided attention on my kids and my family."

The social media personality continued by speaking about how she felt about the situation just before the big boxing event.

"I'm not gonna lie, this time around, I think the event was a lot of pressure on me and a lot of focus on my family and me. Every time there's a big milestone, or a big event or something, or a lot of attention directed towards us, a lot of people start directing the attention to themselves."

The 30-year-old then explained how the allegations and rumors made her "nervous."

"I think that is 100% stressful because it gives me anxiety, and what can I say? It makes me nervous. I stay off my phone, and I stay off social media."

Catherine Paiz ended the video by congratulating everyone who partook in the YouTubers Vs TikTokers event, including Austin McBroom.

Fans claim Catherine Paiz appears "defeated" in the video

Fans took to Twitter to express frustration regarding the actress' response, as it "made no sense" to many.

Meanwhile, many noted how the former model appeared "defeated" and in "denial" after hearing news about Austin McBroom cheating. Some even began to question why she had not left the marriage yet, considering the rumors have been spread multiple times before.

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Despite not admitting or denying the cheating rumors surrounding her husband, Catherine Paiz has asked that fans leave her and her family alone, given that the allegations made her "nervous."

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