"It's Sharia law in Asda ladies": Netizens react to video of supermarket worker telling British woman she is inappropriately dressed

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An old video of an Asda employee trying to kick out a woman for dressing inappropriately has resurfaced on social media (Image via Getty Images)

A 2021 video of an Asda worker trying to remove a young British woman from the supermarket for allegedly being inappropriately dressed resurfaced on social media on February 5, 2024, sparking outrage.

In the video, filmed during the pandemic, a man dressed in the supermarket uniform tells the woman, identified as 22-year-old student Jaiah, that he intends to call the store manager because he believes she is "basically naked and shouldn't be there," citing Asda's policy.

The incident occurred at the Asda outlet on the Isle of Dogs, east London, in November 2021. Jaiah recorded the video on her phone and, at one point, panned the camera towards her to show that she was wearing a white crop top, a black hoodie, and light grey jogging bottoms. She posted the video on X with the caption:

"So tonight in ASDA, Isle of Dogs, I was told by an employee that I wasn't wearing enough clothes, I wasn't respecting myself, that I'm basically naked and I shouldn't be in there. Honestly the most disgusting behavior."

The old video unexpectedly resurfaced on social media, triggering a fresh wave of shock and outrage. One person reacted to the video on X, saying, "It's Sharia law in Asda ladies."

Netizens outraged at a resurfaced video of an Asda employee trying to kick a woman out for dressing inappropriately

The controversial 2021 video resurfaced on Monday, inciting fury among social media users, who called the video "disgusting" and a violation of women's human rights. Several users even called for boycotting Asda.

Many on social media assumed the man to be of Albanian descent and a Muslim, but there has been no confirmation of either, though he spoke with a non-British accent.

Most social media users appeared to be unaware that this was an old video from 2021, which resurfaced and went viral.

The employee called his manager to kick out the woman

In the viral video, the employee can be seen trying to contact his manager to kick Jaiah out of the store, saying:

"We can see your body almost, the manager is coming right now."

When asked by the young woman if what she was wearing meant she didn't respect herself, he replied by saying:

"It's not because you don't respect yourself, we have a policy in Asda."

According to a Daily Mail article published at that time, a representative from the supermarket reached out to Jaiah on X, confirming that there was no "recognized policy" for dress code at the supermarket.

The Asda service team tweeted in response to Jaiah's video, saying,

"Hi Jaiah, thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is not a recognised policy at Asda and we are really sorry for the service you received. I've spoken to the store manager who is addressing this incident and I would be happy to discuss how we can put it right for you?"

A spokesperson told MailOnline that an internal investigation was launched following the incident, and the store reached out to Jaiah to apologize for her experience. However, it is unknown whether the store took any action against the employee.

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