“J-hope in the Box”: ARMYs are excited as Disney+ drops teaser trailer for the BTS’ J-Hope’s solo documentary and confirms premiere date

Featuring J-Hope for his solo documentary j-hope IN THE BOX (Image via Disney Plus and Big Hit Entertainment)
Featuring J-Hope for his solo documentary j-hope IN THE BOX (Image via Disney Plus and Big Hit Entertainment)

On January 27, 2023, Disney+ dropped a teaser trailer for BTS’ J-Hope’s upcoming solo documentary j-hope IN THE BOX. It will showcase approximately 200 days of preparation and filming process of the K-pop idol’s solo album, Jack In The Box. Moreover, the upcoming documentary will also chronicle how the BTS member makes his music and how much hard work he put in achieving the accomplishments of his first solo album.

As it happens, upon hearing about the release of a special trailer ahead of the documentary’s premiere, ARMYs take to Twitter to express their excitement about seeing the BTS member's journey.

BTS’ J-Hope dishes on his experience as a music artist while fans express excitement over anticipating his solo documentary

As the upcoming solo documentary j-hope IN THE BOX will be releasing on February 17, a day before the idol’s birthday, fans are excited to celebrate the month with him. The teaser showcases a glimpse of the upcoming documentary and what fans can expect from it.

The teaser trailer starts with the BTS’ J-Hope explaining why he started the project, saying:

“People in the world don’t really know how BTS’s J-Hope makes music."

From the teaser, it becomes evident that the idol wants to show how he engrosses himself in translating his thoughts and feelings into the music he wants the world to hear. The scene shifts to behind-the-scenes footage of the idol in his recording studio.

While doing dance rehearsals, the BTS member states that he wants to break out of the box and greet a bigger world, which can be assumed as the boundaries he has set for himself or the confinement of his thoughts.

The scene then transits to the idol’s listening party that he had organized ahead of his first solo album, Jack In The Box. The star-studded listening party was attended by fellow BTS members, including RM, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, and V, to extend their support for the Arson singer. Cha Eun-woo, Jessi, and many other famous Korean idols and actors are also seen attending the event.

The next scene showcases the iconic performance of BTS’ J-hope at Lollapalooza, where he was crowned the first and only Korean artist to perform at one of the most significant stages of a major US music festival.

With the teaser trailer giving a sneak peek into the process of making the idol’s first ever solo album, fans are already excited to watch BTS' J-Hope's upcoming documentary.

GQ Magazine crowns BTS’ J-Hope as the best-dressed and best-groomed celebrity at Paris Fashion Week 2023

BTS’ J-Hope recently attended three of the most important shows of Paris Fashion Week 2023, which is organized by luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Hermes Paris. He was also named the best-dressed and groomed celebrity in GQ Magazine.

The same British magazine even crowned him the MVP of fashion week, cementing BTS’ J-Hope's reputation as the ultimate icon in the global fashion industry. In addition, fans loved his interactions with fellow BTS member Jimin at the Dior Fashion show held in Paris.

The BTS’ J-Hope's upcoming solo documentary j-hope IN THE BOX is slated to premiere simultaneously on Weverse and Disney+ on February 17 at 5 pm KST.

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