James Charles under fire after asking fans to "DM him" days after returning from grooming scandal

James Charles seems to attract a lot of controversy (Image via Instagram/ jamescharles)
James Charles seems to attract a lot of controversy (Image via Instagram/ jamescharles)

James Charles recently returned to YouTube after being away for months following accusations of grooming young fans. In a now-deleted video on his channel titled "Holding Myself Accountable," the 22-year-old apologized to friends, family, and fans, stating the situation was "really embarrassing."

In the video, James Charles also stated that he "fully [understood]" his action and how they were "wrong."

"I realized I was allowing myself to be so easily accessible to anyone who wanted to give me attention and wanted to have a conversation."

After he deleted the video, the beauty YouTuber returned to the platform with another clip explanation titled "An Open Conversation" on July 2nd. Charles addressed the situation of allegedly private messaging underage fans. He claimed that many of the conversations posted to various social media platforms were fake.

James Charles said that he was at fault for "putting [himself] into these types of situations" before mentioning how he has changed approaches to his dating life as a result.

However, it seems the makeup artist has not learned from his mistakes.

In a video posted to his Instagram story recently, James Charles asked fans to direct message him about graphic design work to help him with his YouTube thumbnails.

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Twitter reacts to James Charles

Previously, the Twitteratti reacted negatively to the Bethlehem, New York, native's deleted "Accountability" video. Many stated that not enough viewers were able to see it before it was erased.

In response to the above screen recording of his Instagram story, many netizens were off-put by his lack of awareness. Most users questioned if James Charles was joking in a way.

Instagram user frenemiesroom posted a screenshot of the internet star's video with a tag to James Charles himself:

"Have you learned nothing James Charles? Luring more people into your dms."

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One comment under the post stated that "he will never learn." Twitter users were just as unforgiving in response. Many were confused and concerned about why James Charles wasn't using any other method to reach artists.

One user stated that Charles should "just hire someone through an agency." Another commented that this behavior was "an addiction at this point."

James Charles has made no further comments on the situation or his video asking for direct messages. At the time of writing, the video is still available on his Instagram story.

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