Jeon Somi reveals how she became friends with BTS' RM during recent fansign event

Jeon Somi spills on how she befriended RM of BTS
Jeon Somi spills on how she befriended RM of BTS (Images via Twitter/somi_official_ and Instagram/somsomi0309)

Kpop soloist Jeon Somi's latest comeback with EP GAME PLAN made quite a splash since its release not long ago on August 7, 2023. Upon its release, the idol held a star-studded album listening party on August 11, inviting some big names from the K-Pop industry - like members of SEVENTEEN, TWICE, BIGBANG, and more. Amidst the renowned artists that attended her private party was also BTS' RM.

Jeon Somi, being a social butterfly with a personality, only enhances her chances of making more celebrity friends in the industry. Moreover, she has a new YouTube show Yes or Hot, where she hosts fellow celebs and is known to have done quite a few dance challenges with other idols following her latest comeback.

Seeing Jeon Somi's vast list of friends in the K-entertainment industry, it was only natural for fans of the DUMB DUMB singer to wonder just how she made friends with all of them. Such a question popped up during a recent fansign event, when a curious fan asked the idol about how she befriended BTS' RM.

Jeon Somi shares how she became BTS' RM's friend

The GAME PLAN launch event's roster of attendees included famous K-Pop names like Woozi, Mingyu, SEVENTEEN's The8, soloist HyunA, GOT7's Yugyeom, TWICE members Chaeyeon, Jihyo, and Nayeon, Jeon Somi's co-members of former group I.O.I, among more.

Even K-Drama actors like Lee Jong-won, Joo Woo-jae, producer and DJ R. Tee, comedian Jo Se-ho, to name a few, were also present according to reports.

When asked about her friendship with BTS' RM at her fansign, the 22-year-old singer revealed it has not been long since the two have been friends. She remembered first meeting him at BIGBANG G-Dragon's April gathering for his PEACEMINUSONE x NIKE collaboration dinner. At this event, LE SSERAFIM's Kazuha and Yunjin, alongside BTS' Jimin, actor-model Lee Soo-hyuk, and more were also present.

She explained how because RM has been in the K-Pop scene for a long time (since 2013) and she too debuted with I.O.I in 2016, they found that they have a lot of common friends who have also been in the industry for a considerable period. Therefore, it was easy to become friends.

She even appreciated his English-speaking skills and further added that many times they end up speaking in English with each other.

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Meanwhile, Jeon Somi's return with GAME PLAN comes two years after her last album XOXO, which came out in October, 2021. The new album has five tracks - Gold, Gold, Gold, Fxxked Up, Pisces, The Way, and the lead song Fast Forward. Additionally, she recently dropped the MV for her song Gold, Gold, Gold. In addition, the beloved K-Pop soloist signed with Universal Music Japan for her Japanese debut.

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