K-netz criticize BLACKPINK’s Rosé for supporting a friend from Street Woman Fighter

YGX's Lee Jung and BLACKPINK's Rosé (Image via Instagram/@leejung_lee)
YGX's Lee Jung and BLACKPINK's Rosé (Image via Instagram/@leejung_lee)
Afreen Khan

On October 12, BLACKPINK’s Rosé supported her friend YGX’s Lee Jung, a contestant on Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter on her Instagram. She shared videos from Lee Jung’s account on her story and asked BLINKs to support her.

Soon after the stories, K-netizens criticized her for using her fandom’s power to help YGX earn votes and urged Mnet to change their voting criteria. As per the current criteria, votes also take into effect the YouTube view count. However, they claim that groups that have a celebrity connection will automatically have an advantage.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s support for Street Woman Fighter Lee Jung sparks criticism

In a bid to treat each contestant equally, Korean netizens are criticizing BLACKPINK Rosé’s “interference” in the Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter show.

Rosé and YGX’s Lee Jung share a special bond where they have worked together and still do, and are even close friends. The idol then wanting to support her friend taking part in a show should ideally not incite criticism.

The BLACKPINK member supported her from the start. She recently shared a post on her story saying,

“Everyone, please press a like on the video of the crew mission for my friend @leejung_lee ‘s crew. It’s really amazing. Here’s the link. Please press the like! Leejungie is cool.”
BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram story 1 (Image via Koreaboo)
BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram story 1 (Image via Koreaboo)

She shared another video simply stating,

“So cool. Lee Jungie, fighting!!!”
BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram story 2 (Image via Koreaboo)
BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram story 2 (Image via Koreaboo)

K-netizens think these kinds of promoting or supporting stories can give YGX an advantage over other groups, which might deserve the votes. To put things in perspective, BLACKPINK’s Rosé currently has a massive 48.5 million followers on Instagram.

While many are requesting that Mnet change voting criteria, other fans, majorly BLINKs, seem all over the place on TheQoo. Some believe it is the BLACKPINK member's fault because outrightly adding a YouTube link and asking them to press the like button is a bit too much.

While others debate why she is the only idol to receive hate when Jay Park and Chungha have supported their favorite groups the same way, many K-netz also replied to the former question saying that they aren’t as influential as the Rosé.

“The problem is not that simple cheering is the problem, but that a celebrity with 'influence' literally posted this post during the broadcast... Wrong is wrong This is Rosé's mistake for not thinking about her influence.”
“I'm sick of this . So, it’s okay for celebrities who aren't popular but not BLACKPINK?”
“I feel like having celebrities post about the dance crew would definitely affect the results”
“That was rash. Didn't you think about your influence”
“If all of Rosé's followers clicked on the video, the YouTube video would have so many views”
“protect our rosé”
“Leave Rosé alone, you crazy people..”
“Not only Rosé, but other idols also cheered a lot, but it is ugly that only Rosé is malicious.”
“Why are some comments like this? It's common to cheer on when acquaintances go out on a survival show”
“As long as it doesn't have much of an impact, it's fine..”

However, as some fans pointed out, there has been no impact on the views yet. The views are increasing at an average speed, and there’s no sudden spike or anything that might showcase Rosé’s words had any effect.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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