Kep1er’s fandom accounts bully Huening Bahiyyih, leaving hateful comments all over social media

Huening Bahiyyih (Image via Twitter/PlayM_Official)
Huening Bahiyyih (Image via Twitter/PlayM_Official)
Afreen Khan

A majority of fans of the Girls Planet 999’s group Kep1er have been bullying member Huening Bahiyyih since she was announced as the debut member during the finale on 22 October 2021. Twitter was filled with malicious comments against the underage idol, as fans of the new girl group continuously expressed their disapproval.

The 17-year-old idol is the sister of TXT’s Huening Kai, and this has made her an easy target for online bullying. Fans believe she debuted only because of a ready-made fandom thanks to her popular brother, as the final rankings depended on fan votes. Fans also believe that survival programs should be based on expert evaluation and not on popular vote.

Huening Bahiyyih gets viciously bullied by Kep1er’s fandom on social media

Kep1er’s international and domestic fandom spent no time disregarding Huening Bahiyyih’s second rank in the final voting system of Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999. The one-pick voting system turned the entire show upside down as both interim and final debut ranks were poles apart.

Under the #GirlsPlanet999, many fans of Kep1er started bullying Huening Bahiyyih, insisting that the trainee does not deserve a place on the debut team. According to fans, Huening Bahiyyih was never shown getting praised by the masters, and she never ranked in the top nine throughout the show.

On XSports News reports via allkpop, fans left comments such as:

"What is Huening Bahiyyih's position, she doesn't even do anything."
"I think her position might simply be 'getting a lot of hate.’"
"I think I'd be so happy if reports of bullying came out from this group."
"Isn't it more than understandable if she gets bullied?"

On theqoo, a preferred online platform for k-netizens to hold discussions, some people even commented that Kep1er is getting destroyed even before it can debut. Some fans took a neutral position, while others defended Huening Bahiyyih and stated their opinions regarding the issue.

"This fandom is on the verge of ruin…"
"Is it really that bad? It's not like she will be leaving the group. She is going to be a member of the same group in the end. Even if you don't like it, you shouldn't hate it."
"This group has a better selection of members than I thought, so it made people look forward to it, but the fandom has ruined it."
"Hm, but I think it's true that she did get some extra attention and that she doesn't fit so well in the group."
"Objectively speaking, I think she did start from an uneven ground and doesn't fit well in the group."
"There may be personal likes and dislikes, but there is no right to write malicious comments just because of dislikes."
if comfort was a person it would be bahiyyih ♡
just remember how the members love bahiyyih so much #WeLoveYouBahiyyih #kep1erOT9
Bringing back the scene when bahiyyih was the first one to congratulate Yujin for her 4th place because she's such a nice person and deserves love♡ #WeLoveYouBahiyyih

However, fans of the trainee have noticed that she was a victim of Mnet’s editing, There were several instances where her parts were cut off, and she was given less screen time. There were also certain occasions where Huening Bahiyyih being praised by the masters didn’t make the final cut of the show.

A ‘hiyyihlight’, Huening Bahiyyih’s fan, tweeted their conversation with her uncle where he mentions that the 17-year-old is well aware of the hateful comments. He also shared that the siblings are emotionally strong and that the attacks “won’t make a bit of difference” in her career.

So according to hiyyih's uncle, she is fully aware about the hate comments that she's been receiving during gp999
He also said that he's not worried about the siblings because he knew how emotionally strong they are + The Huening siblings believe in their own talents and capabilities

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Huening Bahiyyih chose Weeekly’s agency, Play M Entertainment, as her representative.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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