Kep1er’s Xiaoting goes viral for her stunning dance sports performance at ISAC 2022

22-year-old Xiaoting becomes the star of ISAC after her incredible ballroom performance (Image via Twitter/msxiao_des)
22-year-old Xiaoting becomes the star of ISAC after her incredible ballroom performance (Image via Twitter/msxiao_des)

Kep1er’s Xiaoting unleashed her former professional dancer during the sports dance performance at ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Championships) 2022. The incredible performance astounded the audience and fans alike. The grace, charm, and sharp moves she displayed during her salsa dance made her go viral on social media sites.

A fan recorded the over two-minute performance and posted it on Twitter on August 1. The clip has amassed a whopping 3.7 million views on the micro-blogging site at the time of writing.

The tango performance brought her into the limelight. Fans revisited the survival show Girls Planet 999 and gave new fans more details on the 22-year-old Chinese K-pop idol.

220801 아육대 댄스스포츠 케플러 션샤오팅샤오팅이 다 찢었는데요...,,,

Kep1er’s Xiaoting showcases her dancing prowess at ISAC 2022, goes viral

more idol reactions to xiaoting dancing! not a single person with their mouth closed LMAO

22-year-old Shen Xiaoting was one of the contestants on Girls Planet 999 who amazed viewers and fans alike with her talent. She landed a spot on the Top 9 list and debuted as the only Chinese member of Kep1er. With the idol showcasing her talent through the group’s promotions, she recently took the spotlight during the filming of ISAC 2022.

Xiaoting represented her WA DA DA group in the newly introduced category, Dance Sports. Fans who attended ISAC’s filming posted clips of the idol, a former professional ballroom dancer, performing a tango amidst continuous cheers and claps.

#XIAOTING #ISAC2022 xiaoting 2015 xiaoting 2022

Twitter user @hard__dd posted a fancam of Xiaoting, which has already gained 3.7 million views. It clearly focuses on the female idol’s elegant, powerful entry and captures her sharp moves. Her acting skills and expressions were on par with her performance too.

Other K-pop groups seated near the boundary were as dazed at the Kep1er member’s impressive dancing talent as the fans watching it on screen. The performance’s highlight was the idol's split-second costume change from a black chic gown to a bright pink Latin outfit.

In another video, recorded by @unverredejus and uploaded by @xiaocorez on Twitter, other idols watching the performance can be seen jumping excitedly and cheering the loudest at the costume change. Watch the video below from 1:15 to 1:24.

Idols reaction to xiaoting on ISAC dance sports 2022 #xiaoting #ISAC2022

The 22-year-old not only went viral on South Korean platforms and Twitter, but also in her home country. On Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site, the 22-year-old’s dance sports video has gained over 110 million views. Her name also took over the search trends on the website.

110M+ views on WEIBO ??? she's literally trending everywhere 😭
knetz saying xiaoting should be competing in olympics not in ISAC 😭😭😭😭😭

The viral video also brought to light the incredible achievements of the Kep1er member prior to her K-pop debut. Xiaoting is a former professional ballroom dancer since her teenage years and has even won plenty of trophies from highly-reputed competitions throughout the years.

At age 14, she ranked fourth in the 2013 CBDF China Cup Tour Finals in Group Modern Dance. At age 15, she won first place at the Shanghai Ballroom Tournament Championship.

The Kep1er member even participated in the British Rising Star Amateur Ballroom competition, a category of the Blackpool Dance Festival, the world’s most famous ballroom dance contest.

also, that british competition was the blackpool dance festival which is globally renowned for being one of the most prestigious ballroom festivals in the world . the fact that xiaoting competed there is a testament to her talent…
pre debut xiaoting must be so proud

ISAC will air in September during the Chuseok holidays. However, fans do not need to wait a month to know the results of the dance sports competition, thanks to the many people who attended the filming.

Kep1er’s Xiaoting scored 29 points, the highest in the category, and took home the gold medal for the dance sports category.

can't believe xiaoting went from "the introvert of isac" to "the star of isac" in the same day 😭

Meanwhile, Kep1er recently made its first comeback with DOUBLAST on June 20, 2022.

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