Kim Kardashian backlash takes over internet as reality star's 'Get up and work' advice is savagely trolled

Kim Kardashian was trolled online for her advice for women into business (Image via Getty Images/ Gotham)
Kim Kardashian was trolled online for her advice for women into business (Image via Getty Images/ Gotham)

American entrepreneur Kim Kardashian is getting slammed online for her advice to women running businesses.

The 41-year-old, along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, and 'momager' Kris Jenner, appeared on the cover of news outlet Variety. In a video interview posted on March 9, the reality television stars spoke about their new Hulu show, The Kardashians.

During the chat, Kim Kardashian also gave advice to women in business, stating:

“I have the best advice for women in business: Get your f*cking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Continuing to explain her tips on how to become a successful businesswoman, Kardashian said that people should surround themselves with people who want to work. She further spoke about creating a positive work environment and asked people to "show up and do the work."

Clearing the rumors for people who think her life is easy, she stated that even putting product shots or work-related posts is a job and "it's still really hard."

Talking about 'no easy way to success,' Kim stated that putting in hard work would end in positive results.

Kim Kardashian was trolled on Twitter for imparting her wisdom on business

The outlet shared a video of Kim Kardashian’s business advice on their Twitter handle as users began to bash the star with their comments. Many users pointed out that Kardashian comes from a privileged and influential background and could not make such comments.

@Variety I wish I was born rich so I could be self-made

Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian, was a high-profile attorney and businessman, mostly famed for the controversial O.J. Simpson case.

I can't even...…
@Variety Holy shit, if only we could all grow up rich with influential parents and then tell less fortunate individuals that they need to work harder. I’m not even doubting that she works hard. But holy shit lady.
@Variety I have no doubt Kim works, but everything is easier when you have millions of dollars and an army of people working for you
@Variety I love when people who were born to obscenely rich, highly networked and well connected parents pontificate about importance of work.
kim kardashian: nobody wants to work these dayseveryone working 40+ hour weeks and earning minimum wage: no shit

The heated Twitter comments also referred to an alleged internship opening at Jenner Communications, sarcastically highlighting the "toxic work environment" point that Kardashian made in the interview.

I was an editor on the Kardashian apps in 2015 in LA, worked days nights & weekends, could only afford groceries from the 99 Cents Only Store, called out “sick” more than once bc I couldn’t put gas in my car to get to the office, & was reprimanded for freelancing on the side ❤️…
@Variety Oh. Sometimes it’s best to stop talking. I’m looking at you Kim.
@Variety Yes Kim, people are tired of working 30+ hours a week to earn 1/920 of what you get by doing literally nothing and signing your name to a product someone else developed
@Variety Hey Kim Kardashian, every single person getting their selves up every day and working hard at a minimum wage job would like a word...

On March 9, even The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil expressed her thoughts about Kardashian's comments on her Twitter handle.

I think if you grew up in Beverly Hills with super successful parents in what was simply a smaller mansion… nobody needs to hear your thoughts on success/work ethic. This same 24 hours in the day shit is a nightmare. 99.9% of the world grew up with a VERY different 24 hours.…

Kim Kardashian has been under the radar for creating a not-so-positive work environment for her employees

In May 2021, seven former employees of Kardashian's household staff sued the reality television star. In legal documents filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Kardashian is alleged to have failed to pay overtime, cover expenses, and provide legally mandated breaks. However, Kardashian's representatives have denied these allegations.

Many critics pointed to similar "tone-deaf" comments made by Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague earlier this year. Hague, the creative director of PrettyLittleThing, asserted that, regardless of what background people come from or the financial position they are in, "we all have the same 24 hours in the day" to accomplish what we want.

Kardashian's advice comes after being accused of cultural appropriation for the portraits she took for the March 2022 issue of Vogue US, with the portraits showing a strong resemblance to past images of Black women such as Beyonce, Nina Simone, and Naomi Campbell. Throughout her career, Kardashian has been accused of profiting from Black culture.

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