Kim Nam-gil will be portraying the role of a human and a monster simultaneously in his upcoming fantasy drama Island

Island featuring Kim Nam-gil (Image via TVING)
Island featuring Kim Nam-gil (Image via TVING)

TVING released some intense still-cuts of Kim Nam-gil on their Instagram on December 2 for the K-drama, Island. The still-cut showcases a sequence of intense looks and gestures presented by the actor.

In one, Nam-gil is seen gripping a pointed knife. In another still cut, the actor is seen strangulating someone with a chain. In a third still-cut release by TVING, he seems to have the murderous glare of someone who would do anything to protect what is his.

Island, based on the hit eponymous webtoon, presents the tale of a secretive island called Jeju, filled with strange and unique stories. The island is said to be filled with evil and the story revolves around people who have joined hands to fight off the evil due to their interconnected fates.

The drama features Kim Nam-gil, Cha Eun-woo, and actress Lee Da-hee. While Nam-gil plays the role of Van, a half monster and a half human, Eun-woo and Da-hee play the role of Mi-ho and John, respectively.

Kim Nam-gil’s character Van has endured for millennia to protect Jeju island from demons

Since the fantasy drama Island deals with evil demons, Kim Nam-gil plays a pertinent character who highlights the theme of the show.

His character Van is apparently a half-human and half-monster. He has lived for thousands of years and took the lead in ending the evil demons. The motive of evil demons is to enter the human world through Jeju Island and conquer supremacy.

The actor's character Van is the kind of hunter who hunts down the demons.


Actress Lee Da-hee will portray the role of a chaebol heiress named Mi Ho who has a hidden and powerful strength that can help her fight evil. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, Mi-Ho was compelled to move to Jeju Island by her father. She is known to be selfish and arrogant.

Cha Eun-woo will star as one of the leads in the fantasy drama Island. He will be essaying the role of an exorcist priest named John. He is said to be one of the youngest priests in Jeju.

Even the production team of the drama Island appreciated the versatility of the actor and how professional he is about his character Van. They commented:

“From the very first shot, Kim Nam Gil brought Van's character to life through not only a detailed analysis of the character, but also a three-dimensional performance in which he disappeared fully into the role. Please look forward to the performance of the actor Kim Nam-gil, who will be leading the story while standing at its center.”

In brief, about Kim Nam-gil's many talents

Kim Nam-gil isn’t just an actor. He is also a producer, singer, and philanthropist. His non-profit organization, Gilstory, is dedicated to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of South Korea.

He has appeared in many dramas, notably The Fiery Priest, Through The Darkness, Live Up To Your Name, Bad Guy, and many others. The actor's fans are still waiting for the second season of the drama The Fiery Priest.

It has been reported that his crime drama Through The Darkness bagged the Best Drama Award at the 27th Asian TV Awards on December 2.

It has been confirmed that the Kim Nam-gil fantasy drama Island is scheduled to premiere on December 30.

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