Lee Seung-gi personally addresses breakup rumours with Lee Da-in

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in are reportedly dating (Image via Instagram)
Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in are reportedly dating (Image via Instagram)

Mouse actor Lee Seung-gi has opened up about the rumours and conjectures surrounding his relationship with actress Lee Da-in.

In May of last year, Lee Seung-gi was revealed to be dating actress Lee Da-in, and rumours of their breakup have recently started to circulate on social media.

On June 5, Lee Seung Gi personally denied the news and addressed the matter via a detailed statement on his official website.

Lee Seung-gi revealed that like always, he will be maintaining a respectful distance on matters concerning his personal life and his stance hasn’t changed since the dating news.

He also requested fans’ understanding of his personal life.

Lee Seung-gi releases an official statement in response to rumours of his breakup

Lee Seung-gi began by revealing that the past year was a difficult time for the actor and his fans, as the misunderstanding caused due to the lack of communication hurt both the parties a lot.

“I think our (Lee Seung Gi and the fans) past year has been one where we hurt each other and lacked communication, so after much consideration, I am finally opening up.”

He also revealed why he has maintained a dignified silence so far, despite his well-wishers begging him to clarify his stance and why he has chosen to finally address rumours surrounding his personal life.

“The first reason why I didn’t talk much in the midst of all the commotion was because I believed that my thoughts would not be clearly conveyed with emotional words. I thought by doing that, there would only be greater misunderstandings and wounds.”
“Secondly, I feared that what we talked about would be leaked to other outlets or distorted into more rumors, which would hurt more people and be used as further gossip. So I hope you understand why I’ve been silent, despite some of you asking me to clarify my position.”

He finally revealed that there has been no change in his stance since his personal life became a topic of discussion last year and he will continue to maintain silence to not hurt his loved ones.

He apologised for upsetting his fans and asked them to be understanding of his private matters.

“There have been no changes in my stance or affairs since last year’s dating news. I didn’t comment further on that part, and I didn’t feel much need for it. I’m sorry if you were upset about this, and I want to comfort all of you. Please blame me for my flaws, and I ask for your understanding.”

Lee Seung-gi is reportedly in a relationship with actress Lee Da-in

In May last year, Dispatch released a series of pictures of the couple on an outing in Gangwon Province in late fall.

It was reported that their common love for the performing arts and gold brought them closer and they began dating at the end of 2020.

It was also revealed that it is a well-known secret within the entertainment industry and that Lee Seung-gi spends all his free time with the Alice actress and has been updating his close acquaintances about his relationship with the actress as well.

When asked to comment on the matter, Lee Da-in’s agency confirmed the news and requested that fans wish the couple well.

“We have checked with actress Lee Da In herself, and she stated that they met as senior and junior [of the same industry] and have been carefully getting to know each other since five or six months ago. Please show them warm attention and support so that they can continue their relationship well.”

Rumors of their breakup began to circulate around August 2021. Both of their agencies issued vague statements indicating that they will be unable to confirm the news.

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