“Let’s go all in on demolition”: Disney Pride collection 2023 at parks sparks outrage online 

Disney Pride collection 2023 sparks outrage online. (Image via Shutterstock Images)
Disney Pride collection 2023 sparks outrage online. (Image via Shutterstock Images)

With its 2023 Pride collection, murals, and other decorations at its theme parks, Disney has gone all out to reign over Pride Month. Needless to say, conservatives are not happy about it, as they have not backed away from the ongoing cultural war against the LGBTQIA+ community and have denounced the entertainment conglomerate for going "woke."

Even though Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis had a bitter encounter with the company after it spoke out against his “don’t say gay” law, the theme parks at Orlando, Florida’s Walt Disney World, have been all decked up and ready to celebrate Pride month.

At the Epcot theme park, which is a human innovation and cultural center, near the Connections Café, a Pride wall has been painted featuring all the colors of Pride and “LOVE” written on it. At ShopDisney, the company has officially launched its collection of Pride merchandise, including Pride t-shirts, Mickey Mouse headbands, mini backpacks, and everything in vibrant rainbow colors and patterns.

Popular anti-woke Twitter page "End Wokeness" shared images of the Pride merch and the Epcot Pride mural, sparking outrage. One user, @ZadokQ1, called for the demolition of the theme parks and the merch.

The online furor over Disney's 2023 Pride collection

Right-wingers have once again attacked the company for its open advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community. Some said that the company is going to go broke soon since they are imposing their LGBTQIA+ campaigns on children. A few others also wrote that they stopped going to the theme parks long ago.

Some also said they were done with the company and would never engage with it. Several conservatives encouraged others to cancel their subscriptions to Disney's OTT platforms.

Disney's 2023 Pride ventures

On the company's online store, it was noted that its Pride collection was created by the members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. The conglomerate proudly works with nonprofit organizations throughout the year to support the community globally.

The goal of the Pride collection was to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ rights and Pride Month. The online store has a wide selection of merchandise featuring Mickey and his friends in colorful rainbow decorations.

Some of the top merch includes the Mickey Mouse Loungefly mini backpack, which can be used for afternoon strolls or summer park days. The bag features a rainbow heart design and one large compartment to fit essentials such as keys, wallets, water, umbrella, cellphone, and much more.

Next is the Mickey Mouse layered necklace, consisting of two chains with small trinkets hanging from them. The first charm features Mickey Mouse gloves holding a rainbow heart. The second chain has smaller charms. There are also colorful beads on the chains. Both chains are adjustable as well.

The Mickey Mouse icon t-shirt is pink, with a rainbow logo of Mickey Mouse. It can be styled alongside jeans or leggings to sport a casual look. Other popular items include Mickey Mouse decoration ornaments, Marvel poplin shirts, Star Wars fashion tops, Mickey Mouse collectible glass sets, and many more.

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