“Let’s be together again”: Park Bo-gum greets fans with an emotional letter on fan cafe

Korean actor Park Bo-gum discharged from the military (Image via @wonpilatesx/Twitter)
Korean actor Park Bo-gum discharged from the military (Image via @wonpilatesx/Twitter)

Korean heartthrob Park Bo-gum was officially discharged from his military service on April 30, 2022. The Record of Youth actor enlisted in August 2020 and returned home on February 21 this year as part of his final remaining leave. The actor greeted fans with an emotional letter on his fan cafe, the Bo Gum Welfare Department.

The 28-year-old actor is also reported to be hosting the upcoming 58th Baeksang Arts Awards. He will be reunited with popular comedian Shin Dong-yup and popular singer-actress Bae Suzy. The trio have been emcees for the prominent Baeksang Arts Awards since 2018.

Park Bo-gum posts a heartwarming letter to fans upon military discharge


On April 30, Park Bo-gum posted a photo of himself in military uniform with a wide smile, saluting at the camera. The actor penned a heartfelt note on Bo Gum Welfare Department, his official fan cafe. He talked about his journey in the military, calling fans his “forever friend.”

The Seo Bok actor began the letter by saluting fans and giving them the discharge update.

Reporting. South Korea’s navy sergeant Park Bo-gum has received an order to discharge from April 30, 2022, onwards. Over.”

He continued, calling fans his forever friends and thanking them for always supporting him.

Hello, Bo Gum Welfare Department! The seventh season has passed, and I’m pleased to meet you again on this warm spring day. Thank you so much to everyone in the Bo Gum Welfare Department for becoming my forever friend in this vast world that brings me strength and expresses your endless love and support!
How have my forever friends been doing all this while?”
Good bye, Sergeant Park Bo Gum! Thank you for your hard work! Your military life will always be the good memories for you and for us @BOGUMMY. “필승!” #ParkBoGum#박보검

Park Bo-gum then proceeded to give fans an insight into his time in the military. He shared his life as a navy officer and how he had more time to concentrate on himself.

“As for me, I spent 20 months fulfilling all the things that I had vowed to do when I started my duties as a navy man. I used my downtime to exercise, read and attain certifications for skills, spending the time meaningfully.”

He added,

“It is a pity to put an end to my life as a navy man as I had been able to entirely focus on myself and learn more about myself during this time where some days passed by slowly and others faster. More importantly, they were good times thanks to the gentlemen I met who respected and considerate each other.”

The actor ended his letter with a positive message.

“I hope that you will be able to spend your days peacefully, smiling at the end of each day with a ‘Today was good.’ or ‘It was great!’ Let’s be together again, in the shining future.”
Dear Bogs,Just a few of the many reasonswhy we are still here...You make us the proudest fans,everything you do means the world to us✨Welcome back @BOGUMMY 💕#05012022kfg #ParkBoGum #WelcomeBackBOGUM

Meanwhile, the upcoming Baeksang Arts Awards will mark Park Bo-gum’s return to the entertainment industry. The actor’s last project before enlistment were the science fiction thriller movie Seo Bok with Gong Yoo and the television drama Record of Youth with Park So-dam and Byeon Woo-seok.

There hasn’t yet been any news on his comeback project, but fans will be able to see Park Bo-gum at the award show on May 6.

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