“LISACHELLA IS THE MAIN EVENT”: BLACKPINK’s Lisa stuns fans with pole dance and explicit version of MONEY at Coachella 2023

BLACKPINK's Lisa performs an explicit version of MONEY, takes the internet by storm (Image via Twitter/LALISA_twts)

BLACKPINK’s Lisa stunned audiences at Coachella 2023 when she gave fans a thrilling solo performance of MONEY. The solo performance was part of the group’s nearly two-hour-long setlist on Day 2 of the music event. MONEY saw impressive global virality last year, more than the album’s title track, LALISA.

While fans were initially surprised as the song consisted of an explicit word, Coachella 2023 saw the BLACKPINK rapper tweak several parts of the chorus to add more cuss words. Millions of fans watched the event online as the on-the-ground audience went berserk after witnessing the Thai rapper perform a new version of MONEY.

As such, it didn’t take long for fans to trend ‘LISACHELLA’ and call the event as ‘Pinkchella.’ They also trended the phrase ‘LISA COACHELLA COMEBACK,’ expressing their unparalleled excitement over watching the rapper’s MONEY performance.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa presents fans with an all-new version of MONEY with a pole dance performance

On April 15, 2023, BLACKPINK made history as the first-ever female K-pop act to headline Coachella. The quartet ensured they would be remembered in the history books as they left no stone unturned for their act. They performed for nearly two hours, giving thousands of BLINKs in the audience an exciting set of group and solo performances, which was akin to their concerts.

Out of the many outfits and performances that stunned fans, it was BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s MONEY solo stage that made many gush over it for hours. K-pop fans fell in love with the rapper’s all-new performance of the song.

The MONEY stage began with a silhouette of the Thai rapper, proceeded to a pole-dancing performance by her, and then came the classic chorus that captivated millions across the globe. BLACKPINK’s Lisa also added a whole new choreography for the dance break, which once again went viral on the internet.

Moreover, what made fans surprised was the unexpected new lyrics of the song. The original chorus of MONEY is:

“I came here to drop some money, dropping all my money / Drop some money, all this bread so yummy, yeah / Twerking, twerking when I buy the things I like / Dollar, dollars dropping on my a** tonight”

However, the version BLACKPINK’s Lisa performed included more explicit words. The chorus then became:

“I came here to drop some money, drop your f**kin’ money / Drop some money, motherf**kin’, money yeah / Twerking, twerking when I buy the things I like / Dollar, dollars dropping on my a** tonight”

Another moment that BLINKs gushed over was when some fans were seen throwing money on stage during MONEY performance.

At the time of this writing, #LisachellaIsHere was on Twitter’ most-tweeted hashtags in the last 24 hours list, with over 521k tweets. The only hashtag besting it was #BlackpinkAtCoachella, with 2.5 million tweets.

Meanwhile, not just BLACKPINK’s Lisa, but Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé’s solo performances also became the talk of the town. Jisoo performed her recently-released debut track FLOWER, Jennie performed her new song You & Me, while Rosé performed Gone and On the Ground.

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