Loki Episode 2: Sophia Di Martino’s Lady Loki reveal takes Twitter by storm

Lady Loki in Episode 2 (Image via Disney Plus/Marvel)
Lady Loki in Episode 2 (Image via Disney Plus/Marvel)

Loki Episode 2 premiered June 16th on Disney Plus with Lady Loki’s arrival. Despite the show being just two episodes in, it has already garnered massive popularity on the internet.

Furthermore, Loki has become one of the top-viewed premieres on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Fans of the Asgardian God of Mischief were massively impressed by Loki’s emotional moments in the first episode. However, the tease of another “variant” of Loki near its end made everyone excited for Episode 2.

Episode 2, titled “The Variant,” focuses on proper introduction of the female variant of Loki

Ever since Lady Loki was teased in the trailer of the series, fans have been speculating that she will be one of the main variants of Loki in the series. Others even stated that she might be the antagonist of the series.

The second episode of the series begins in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (in 1985). The start sees the TVA Hunters tracing a variant’s location to the dress-up festival.

This is where fans first meet Lady Loki (played by Sophia Di Martino). Loki’s signature green energy is glimpsed on-screen when Hunter C20 gets hit by it on her head. She is then mind-controlled by Lady Loki to attack her fellow hunters on the team.

Lady Loki can also use mind control (Image via: Disney Plus/Marvel)
Lady Loki can also use mind control (Image via: Disney Plus/Marvel)

The series also showcases Lady Loki in classic Loki headgear with golden horns. Later in the series, we also find Tom Hiddleston’s Loki variant, and Hunter-B15 traces the other variant to 2050 in a Roxxcart superstore during a store.

Here, after many of her shenanigans escape them, Lady Loki transfers into B-15’s body. She speaks through B-15, taunting Loki:

“So, you are the fool they brought in to hunt me down?”

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Lady Loki finally reveals true self later in the episode

Lady Loki’s reveal took Twitter by storm, with several fans sharing their excitement for Lady Loki and her arc for the upcoming episodes.

Fans also spotted the timeline had started to branch itself after Lady Loki messed with the “sacred timeline.”

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Meanwhile, another fan spotted that in some foreign credits of Episode 2, the female variant’s character is named “Sylvie.” In the comics, Sylvie is a different human character to whom Loki gives Asgardian powers.

She has blonde hair, just like Lady Loki in the show, while the latter in the comics has black hair, just like Loki. However, Marvel may have just incorporated some aspects of Sylvie Lushton into Lady Loki.

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Furthermore, the variant may never be called Lady Loki, and this makes the name change plausible. A similar rumor of Lady Thor not being called such in "Thor 4: Love and Thunder" was also in the news.

Loki and Agent Mobius in Episode 2. Image via: Disney Plus/Marvel
Loki and Agent Mobius in Episode 2. Image via: Disney Plus/Marvel

The episode also has several comedic moments between Agent Mobius and Loki. They range from the latter destroying Mobius’ lunch to tricking him into taking them to Pompeii’s volcanic eruption in 79AD.

These moments make it a fun watch amidst all the exciting reveals.

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