Loona's Chuu launches her own agency; BlockBerry Creative responds to the news

K-pop idol Chuu to set up her own agency (Image via BlockBerry Creative)
K-pop idol Chuu to set up her own agency (Image via BlockBerry Creative)

LOONA's Chuu has set up her own one-man agency, Chuu Co. Ltd., and her previous agency, BlockBerry Creative, has also released a statement regarding the news.

On October 28, multiple South Korean media outlets reported that the singer established her own label with her mother as the company's director. They also shared that the company is set up to handle several activities including broadcast shows, album production, entertainment management, record production, sound production and distribution, concert planning, and publishing, editing, distributing, public relations, publications, and agency business.

Chuu really founded her own one-man company just to get paid while continuing her activities.(Attached photos shows the company's (Chuu Company Ltd.) registry, named after Chuu and her mother. source:…

While the documents about her latest venture provide another highlight, BlockBerry Creative's comments have caused confusion among fans.

BlockBerry Creative is clueless about LOONA's Chuu setting up her own agency

All power to Chuu for this. Really wishing her all the best and it all goes well 🥺Even if I don't stan LOONA, I have all the respect and admiration for her for fighting for not just her rights but what's important for her.It's incredibly…

In regards to the news, LOONA's label and agency has shared a new statement. The company stated:

"We were not aware of Chuu establishing her own label. We're looking into it. The rumors of Chuu leaving our agency are groundless."

BlockBerry Creative did not allow Chuu to transfer to another agency. However, they are still looking into whether she set up her own entertainment company or not. The complex situation has also confused fans, who want nothing but happiness for the 23-year-old singer.

So bbc denied Chuu transferring to another agency but still need check whether she established her own management??? yeah i will never understand what kind of situation is this

Earlier, it was confirmed that the Heart Attack singer did not participate in the concert '2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD] IN SEOUL.' It was reported that she was not notified by the agency regarding the group's activities.

we met chuu at her birthday café🥺🧡 she is an angel😭💗…
chuu not leaving loona and also set up her own company together with her mother shes so hot for that

Meanwhile, the other 11 members of the group shared that they were informed about the concert that took place at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium from October 15-16. Fellow member Yeojin also shared that the announcement was made on LOONA's groupchat with all the twelve members.

"Yes yes. The announcement was given through the LOONA group chat with all twelve members and the schedule chart. So I already knew!! I'm excited!!"

In response, Chuu also shared a message with her fans. She wrote:

"There is one thing I said that seems to be spreading in a weird way so I'm just going to say this. Just because a schedule is uploaded doesn't mean I can participate in all of them. The company needs to confirm and then send confirmation (notification) for me to attend. Even if the schedule is uploaded, I don't know if I am participating in it or not."

She cleared out the confusion and mentioned that even though the message was shared, it doesn't mean that she will be participating.

The vocalist was also absent from the North American and European legs of Loona's world tour due to “scheduled activities.”

Many fans believe that BlockBerry Creative removed the singer from the group's activities over the ongoing legal feud between them. They want the singer to start a new journey with her own agency, if that is really happening.

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