LOONA's Chuu reportedly set to leave Blockberry Creative 

A still of the K-pop idol (Image via loonatheworld/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop idol (Image via loonatheworld/Instagram)

Amidst speculation about the future of K-idol and LOONA member Chuu, several media reports claim that the singer is all set to leave Blockberry Creative to join a new agency.

The group and its lead singer are currently doing promotional activities for the special summer comeback album, Flip That.

LOONA's lead vocalist Chuu is reportedly in discussion to sign up with BY4M Studio

On June 22, a South Korean media outlet claimed that Chuu is all set to part ways with Blockberry Creative and is already looking towards a new agency, BY4M Studio.

The member had reportedly filed a lawsuit against the agency on March 29. According to them, she had filed the case to suspend her exclusive contract with the agency. While no clear reason was revealed, many fans speculated that the singer wanted distribution rights to her work, which would include the freedom to choose her own schedule rather than the agency choosing it for her, along with better pay.

In December 2021, Wikitree had reported that Chuu won a preliminary injunction against the agency and the court had partially approved Chuu's request. Blockberry Creative has refused to comment on the matter.

It appears that the singer is finally set to break free from Blockberry Creative and is currently in discussions with BY4M Studio, an entertainment agency which focuses on social media and digital marketing.

Chuu's absence from February's concerts caused a stir among fans

Main main vocalist for LOONA, Chuu made her debut as part of Blockberry Creative's 'Monthly Girl Project' in December 2017. She was soon inducted into the ranks of LOONA in 2018. She had been a part of Queendom 2, along with the rest of the group, but was noticeably absent from the LOOΠΔVERSE: FROM concerts last month on February 11 and 12.

At the time, the agency had claimed the absence was due to "health reasons." in light of new information, many LOONA fans aka Orbits speculate that the idol was being overworked and her ongoing legal battle with the agency is proof of that.

Fans of the group appear to be pleased with the decisions, given the agency's treatment of the singer. While they wish her luck, many also stated that they hope she remains a part of the girl group, even if it's under a different label.

Blockberry Creative appears to have a long history of mismanaging LOONA. In September 2021, the group was in danger of disbandment after the agency's financial crisis came to light.

According to insiders, the agency had been in debt of over ₩100 million in unpaid fees to multiple external companies that worked with them. Fans of the group had appealed to various sources for help, most notably among them being Drag Queen Kim Chi and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Meanwhile, the group's lead vocalist has had a multifaceted career, juggling web shows, television shows, web series and the K-pop group all at once. Some of the talented artist's shows include Chuu Can Do It, Dating Class, Wild Idol, Family Register Mate, and Law of the Jungle - Spring Special in Jeju.

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