Lukai Sweetened Jujube recall: Reason, UPC code, and other details explored

Lukai recalls its sweetned jujube over undeclared sulfite concerns (Images via Jackal Pan/GettyImages)
Lukai recalls its sweetned jujube over undeclared sulfite concerns (Images via Jackal Pan/GettyImages)

Northern Food I/E Inc. of Westbury, N.Y., has recalled its Lukai Sweetened Jujube over undeclared sulfite concerns. Sulfites are naturally present in most food products but can pose a serious threat to people suffering from asthma and sulfite sensitivity.

The recall was initiated following a routine sampling test conducted by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. During the sampling test, food inspectors and laboratory personnel reported the presence of sulfites in the product even though the product's label had no mention of it in the ingredients list.

Taking note of the issue, Northern Food I/E Inc. has issued a nationwide recall notice for all 8.3-ounce (235-gram) packages of Lukai Sweetened Jujube. The recalled products were distributed to stores across the country and were available in red and yellow plastic packages.

Customers can identify the concerned products with the UPC code of 6921996166881.

What are sulfites and why was a recall issued for the Lukai Sweetened Jujube?

Sulfites are naturally existing chemicals that are present in many food products and are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA and other Food Safety departments. Sulfites can also be added to certain food products artificially to keep them fresh and free from fungi or bacteria for a longer time.

Most countries make it compulsory to list Sulfites in the ingredients list of food products, as they can cause health risks in some people with certain medical conditions.

Sulfite contents in different food products and medications (Image via VeryWell)
Sulfite contents in different food products and medications (Image via VeryWell)

Products like the Lukai Sweetened Jujube, which fail to list the presence of sulfites in the ingredients list or contain amounts greater than the allowed limit, are often recalled to ensure customer safety.

Sulfites are usually safe to consume and are often present in low amounts in most food products like frozen fruits, cheese, wines, candies, pickles, and even in some medicines. Though they are harmless, they can pose a serious threat to people with sulfite sensitivity, thus the Food Safety department makes it compulsory to list them in the ingredients list.

People with medical conditions like sulfite sensitivity, asthma, and others are at risk of experiencing serious to severe medical reactions after consuming sulfites, with worst-case scenarios even proving to be life-threatening. Asthma patients often suffer from sulfite sensitivity and may experience reactions like headaches, hives, swelling, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

Serious sulfite reactions may trigger asthma and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction, which can even be life threatening for some people. Immediate medical attention may be needed in cases of severe sulfite-induced reactions.

Immediate medical assistance is recommended for those with sulfite sensitivity who may have mistakenly consumed the recalled Lukai Sweetened Jujube.

What to do if you have purchased the recalled Lukai Sweetened Jujube

People with a history of sulfite sensitivity are strictly advised not to consume the recalled Lukai Sweetened Jujube. They are advised to dispose of the product or return it to the store of purchase for a full refund. Recalled products can be returned even if you may have misplaced the slip.

The company and FDA are yet to report any reactions or illnesses caused by the consumption of the products, but customers who have questions or concerns regarding the Lukai Sweetened Jujube can still contact the company at 516-942-0146.

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