"Man, I'm so excited": NCT's Jeno appointed as the first male global ambassador of Ferragamo

NCT's Jeno as Ferragamo's first male global brand ambassador (Image via Twitter/@NCTDREAMCENTER)

On May 29, 2023, the Italian luxury goods brand, Ferragamo announced that they've named NCT's Jeno as their first male global ambassador. While many speculated Jeno's partnership with Ferragamo as he was invited to the Milan Fashion Week by the luxury brand, the rumors were only cemented with the recent announcement, delighting NCTzens (NCT's fandom).

With Jeno's new feat being a monumental one not just for the idol, but the K-pop industry in general, fans have been celebrating the same, spreading the happy news through several social media platforms.

In fact, in addition to the announcement, fans loved the photoshoot images that Ferragamo released of the idol looking resplendent in the brand's clothing.

Fans shower NCT's Jeno with love and praise as he gets named Ferragamo's first male global ambassador

While being named the global ambassador of a luxury brand is in itself a remarkable achievement by K-pop idols, NCT's Jeno going one step above the same has impressed fans and made them immensely proud of their favorite star.

His new role as Ferragamo's global ambassador not only makes him the first Korean act to do so but also establishes him as the first male act ever to achieve this feat globally. Following the announcement of Jeno's new position as Ferragamo's global ambassador, the luxury brand wrote a few words expressing their delight with the new partnership:

"Ferragamo is pleased to announce K-pop artist, Lee Jeno (@leejen_o_423) as the brand's first male global ambassador. The partnership seals the relationship between Ferragamo and Jeno who have started building ties prior to this announcement."

Additionally, the brand's creative director, Maximilian Davis, also shared a few words about the announcement,

"We're driven by the same passion in our creativity and feel fortunate to have him join Ferragamo."

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol himself, NCT's Jeno, expressed his feelings on this new collaboration with the reputed luxury goods brand, saying,

"I am very excited to create a synergy with the brand and looking forward to disclosing our future projects! Stay tuned on both of us!"

As the exciting news hit the internet, fans spammed several social media platforms to talk about the same, expressing their pride and happiness about Jeno's new pathway. Given that NCT's Jeno has been one of the group's members who've been active in the fashion industry as well, NCTzens are excited about his consistent growth in the same.

With him becoming the first-ever K-pop idol to open the New York Fashion Week, being among the few invited to attend the Milan Fashion Week, and dominating the latest trends with his feature in Vogue, the idol has showcased his multiple dimensions with respect to the fashion industry, impressing the masses and K-pop fans.

As he kickstarts yet another project in the fashion field, fans are excited to see what's in store for them with the idol's new collaboration.

As NCT's Jeno and Ferragamo further continue their journey in the future, fans eagerly look forward to how it expands Jeno's career in fashion. Additionally, they also await the projects that the new partnership has stocked up for the masses.

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