Mike Majlak accused of allegedly stealing stories from childhood friends for his book and making "thousands of dollars"

Mike Majlak in his latest YouTube video (Image via YouTube)
Mike Majlak in his latest YouTube video (Image via YouTube)

On May 24th, YouTuber Salvopancakes "spilt the tea" when interviewing Mike Majlak's childhood friend, who accused the latter of lying about his addiction and stealing stories for his book.

YouTuber and Logan Paul's confidante, Mike Majlak, released his book titled, "The Fifth Vital" in 2020, which details his life story and his journey through overcoming an addiction. The book sells for $18.99 at Barnes & Noble, and is currently ranked 958 in book sales.

Mike Majlak's childhood friend tells all

According to Mike's childhood friend, he never had an addiction, and even stole stories from other people.

In a text message sent to Salvopancakes, the former friend accused Mike of making "thousands of dollars off his friends". He said:

"I've dealt with addiction. He has no idea what addiction is. He made thousands of dollars off his "friends". He stole me and my boys whole f*cking life and made him the main character."

He continued by claiming that Mike offered to pay his friends once the book became famous.

"He said he would get us paid once that sh*t popped off on a Netflix movie but we ain't got nothing for it!!! F*ck Mike."

Fans not surprised by Mike's alleged actions

Fans of Logan Paul and Lana Rhoades, who now have "beef" with Mike Majlak, were not surprised by the accusations.

Following his drama with former best friend Logan Paul and allegations from ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades, the YouTube community has lost confidence in Mike, as he, according to Logan, is "always lying".

They took to Twitter to express their frustration, claiming that Mike Majlak is a "poser".

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Some even went as far as to call Mike a "clout chasing snake". One user said:

Mike was recently seen getting close to former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek. In a new YouTube video posted four days ago, fans were speculating that Mike and Jeff were possibly going to join forces in the future.

Mike has yet to respond to these accusations made by his childhood fr.

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