Moon Sang-min and Jeon Jong-seo are reportedly in talks to star in the upcoming webtoon-based drama Wedding Impossible

Featuring Moon Sang-min and Jeon Jong-seo (Image via TVING and Netflix)
Featuring Moon Sang-min and Jeon Jong-seo (Image via TVING and Netflix)

On December 7, it was reported that actors Moon Sang-min and Jeon Jong-seo would be starring in the upcoming webtoon-based drama Wedding Impossible. The drama will be penned by writer Park Seul-gi of Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist fame.

In response to the casting report, both the actors' agencies stated that they are positively reviewing the casting offer.

Wedding Impossible is based on a webtoon of the same name that chronicles the story of an unwanted marriage. Moon Sang-min and Jeong Jong-seo will portray the roles of Goo Jung-yeol and Oh Da-jung in the upcoming drama if they accept the offer.

Moon Sang-min’s character Goo Jung-yeol is an ordinary employee in the upcoming drama

Moon Sang-min will portray the role of a fourth-generation chaebol named Goo Jung-yeol. He has been honest and sincere throughout his life and has worked hard to get employed on the basis of his skills and by keeping his wealthy background a secret. He soon gets hired by a company with his own capabilities and sheer hard work and becomes a regular employee.

Goo Jung-yeol succeeded in transforming himself into a clean fourth-generation chaebol and earned the truth of his colleagues.

Alongside Moon Sang-min, Jeon Jong-seo will portray the role of an unknown actress named Oh Da-jung. With no financial support and a failed acting career, she accepts an offer presented by Goo Chan-yeol, the brother of Goo Jung-yeol, to enter into a fake marriage contract for his own interior motive.

Their story takes a dramatic turn when Goo Jung-yeol decides against his brother Goo Chan-yeol's marriage just to protect him, wanting to put an end to the fake marriage.

The upcoming webtoon-based drama Wedding Impossible will be an interesting watch for melodrama and rom-com fans.

Know more about Moon Sang-min and Jeon Jong-seo

Moon Sang-min isn’t just an actor but a model and a student too, and is currently enrolled at Sungkyunkwan University. He has starred in a number of Korean dramas including My Name, The Colors of Our Time, and many others.

The actor recently starred in the highest-rated historical drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella and has been receiving appreciation and praise for his role in the same.

Jeon Jong-seo is well known for her hit Korean film Burning, which was nominated at the 91st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. The actress gained considerable appreciation and recognition from fans.

She has starred in other films including The Call and Nother Serious and is confirmed to appear in the upcoming action and thriller film Ballerina.

The actress also recently starred as Tokyo in the Korean remake Money Heist: Korea’s Joint Economic Area - Part 1. Jeon Jong-seo is set to appear on the second season of Monet Heist: Korea’s Joint Economic Area, premiering on December 9.

The upcoming drama Wedding Impossible is currently in the final stages of casting. Once the casting is finalized, the filming will began.

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