‘My Teenage Girl’ reveals final lineup debuting as CLASSy

'My Teenage Girl' final debut lineup for CLASSy (Image via Twitter/skyeblueberry)
'My Teenage Girl' final debut lineup for CLASSy (Image via Twitter/skyeblueberry)

On February 27, MBC’s My Teenage Girl aired its grand finale and revealed the seven participants that will debut as CLASSy. The survival audition show premiered on November 28 last year and looks to debut a girl group with an aim to chart on the American Billboard music chart.

The reality show received 30,000 participants from South Korea, Japan, America, and Canada. A total of 40 contestants received the chance to participate in the reality show, out of which seven members were announced for the final debut lineup today. The contract period duration for the project girl group hasn't yet been revealed.

Who won ‘My Teenage Girl’? Meet the seven participants who have confirmed their debut

MBC’s My Teenage Girl opened to average viewership ratings around South Korea. The project girl group CLASSy will be under M25 for Korean promotions and Universal Music Japan for Japanese promotions.

My Teenage Girl had a unique concept of categorizing participants into specific age groups specializing in vocals, rap, and performance. The mentors, called “homeroom teachers” in the show, were Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, former Fin.K.L member Ock Joo-hyun and the famous choreographer Aiki from HOOK.

7) Yoon Chae-won - 198,915.5 points

The 19-year-old participant was the last member to be announced in the finale. Yoon Chae-won also ranked first in the Top 7 in one of the episodes.

6) Park Bo-eun - 201,684.4 points

The 14-year-old Park Bo-eun was the second-youngest member to be announced. Her talent was consistently shown throughout the show, as she never left the Top 7 list throughout the 12 episodes.

5) Kim Ri-won - 209,053.9 points

The 15-year-old Kim Ri-won also never left the Top 7 list in the show. She was one of the four contestants tied for the last spot before the final vote took place.

4) Hong Hye-ju - 210,247.9 points

The 19-year-old was another contestant who was battling for seventh place. The tables turned with the fan votes and the performance votes, along with the judge’s votes, making Hong Hye-ju land the fourth position.

3) Myung Hyung-seo - 217,370 points

The 21-year-old Myung Hyung-seo impressed viewers with her skills throughout the reality show. She is also a member of Busters. Some fans believe she will be the leader for CLASSy.

2) Kim Seon-you - 241,178.9 points

The 14-year-old Kim Seon-you ranked No. 2 on the show with her incredible talent. She previously participated in the reality show CAP-TEEN. She is also the official maknae of the group.

1) Won Ji-min - 243,302.4 points

The 15-year-old Won Ji-min took the crown and never left the Top 7 list either. Fans believe she will be the center, visual, and the main vocalist of CLASSy.

MBC has neither released an estimated debut for the My Teenage Girl project group nor more information regarding their official positions. Meanwhile, fans could expect to see original songs such as Lions, Sonic Boom, Dreaming, and Sun released as seven-member CLASSy versions.

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