Nayte Olukoya x Michelle Young split: The Bachelorette star refutes cheating allegations

The Bachelorette’s Nayte Olukoya denies cheating on Michelle Young (Image via kingbabatunde/Instagram)
The Bachelorette’s Nayte Olukoya denies cheating on Michelle Young (Image via kingbabatunde/Instagram)
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The Bachelorette’s Nayte Olukoya has denied cheating on Michelle Young, following his split with the reality star. Olukoya stated that he “didn’t cheat” but was “inexperienced in love.” He wrote a lengthy denial that went live on his IG story on Sunday, June 26. Olukoya posted the denial after some fans on social media alleged that he had cheated on Michelle Young, leading to the break-up.

 What Nayte Olukoya wrote on Instagram (Image via kingbabatunde/Instagram)
What Nayte Olukoya wrote on Instagram (Image via kingbabatunde/Instagram)

The former couple met during the filming of The Bachelorette in October 2021. They even got engaged on the season finale in December 2021 and were eager to get married after the show ended.

What did The Bachelorette’s Nayte Olukoya write in his denial post?

After Michelle Young broke the news on June 17 about parting ways with Nayte Olukoya, fans assumed that Olukoya had cheated on Young. Now Olukoya has cleared the air and refuted infidelity claims being the reason for their break-up.

The reality star posted a denial in a two-part post on his Instagram stories, with 15 bullet points to deny the accusations.

He started his post by disagreeing with the assumption that he cheated on Young. He then mentioned that a break-up did not necessarily warrant that someone be blamed. Olukoya also asserted that he is a good guy, despite others labelling him to be a “red flag.”

He even admitted that he believed Young was his “person” but confessed that he "inexperienced in love."

In the post, Olukoya also addressed the news of him moving to Minnesota to be close to Young when they were dating, saying that the plan changed as the couple decided to get to know each other on a “deeper level” before taking the big step.

He concluded the post by writing that they both tried to work on their relationship but it did not work out, going on to emphasise that they were both upset about it. He also clarified that he would never live his life based on “how others think I should live it” and put an end to the all the speculation.

About Michelle Young’s break-up announcement

“Loyal, compassionate and supportive” Young had joined The Bachelorette to find a “man by her side that is supportive and driven to make the world a better place.”

The Minnesota-based elementary school teacher was “looking for the Superman to her Superwoman” and someone with whom she “can start a family of her own.”

By the end of the show, she chose Olukoya over Brandon and got engaged to him. The duo were eager to get married and build a life together, but after less than a year of getting engaged, Young announced their split. The former couple posted about their break-up on their Instagram story and asked for privacy.

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