NMIXX’s Sullyoon takes K-netizens’ breath away with ending fairy pose on MCountdown

NMIXX's member Sullyoon (Image via @nmixx_offical/Instagram)
NMIXX's member Sullyoon (Image via @nmixx_offical/Instagram)

NMIXX’s Sullyoon became the talk of the town with her visuals yet again. This time, she took over South Korean online platform theqoo with her ending fairy pose on music show MCountdown's performance on March 3.

An ending fairy pose is when a camera zooms in on a member and lingers for a few seconds after the performance to strike any pose they wish. Usually, the members with the best visuals are chosen as the ending fairy. It was no surprise that JYP Entertainment chose Sullyoon for their recent performance.

The blog post that talked about the rookie idol’s facial features garnered over 56k views in just a few hours.


“She’s the prettiest in the world”: K-netizens baffled over NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s charms on MCountdown

On March 3, JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group NMIXX performed its debut song O.O from album AD MARE on MCountdown. Group members showcased their incredible dance and vocal skills on the live stage, however, the moment that had K-pop fans buzzing was Sullyoon’s ending fairy pose.

For NMIXX's ending fairy pose on MCountdown, all members were given a chance to shine with equal screentime. Sullyoon’s gesture, coupled with her makeup and outfit, stood out amongst all and went viral on social media.

The 18-year-old rookie idol has made headlines for her visuals since pre-debut. Her beauty fits right into South Koreans’ beauty standards - small face shape, big eyes, high-bridge, round nose, double eyelids, straight eyebrows, and plump lips. Many K-netizens talked about her "doll-like beauty" and even wondered if she wasn't just "made of CGI."

Comments complimenting the rookie idol (Image via theqoo)
Comments complimenting the rookie idol (Image via theqoo)

Some even compared Sullyoon’s features to actresses Kim Jae-kyung and Kim Tae-hee, both of whom are known as the epitome of beauty in South Korea. There were also comments saying she looked like a mix of TWICE’s Tzuyu, Mina, and Sana, the three K-pop idols who are hailed for their beauty.

Comments complimenting the rookie idol (Image via theqoo)
Comments complimenting the rookie idol (Image via theqoo)

Meanwhile, it’s not only the South Korean platforms that were abuzz with talk about the NMIXX member's visuals. International fans joined in on the conversation too, by commenting on how she joined the “Top 4th gen” visual team, while calling her the “4th gen main visual queen.”

Sullyoon’s features were one of the most trending topics ever since her reveal in the pre-debut period. JYP Entertainment released solo covers introducing each member to the audience before its debut, and the 18-year-old grabbed major attention back then too.

Meanwhile, the ending fairy pose has become an inseparable part of music show performances in the K-pop industry today. However, it is a fairly new phenomenon which arose in 2016 during the Produce 101 series, where every participants’ face would be zoomed in on after a performance. A few extra seconds of focusing on the groups’ charms gives the fans more time to fall in love with them.

With the love and buzz NMIXX's Sullyoon is getting, the ending fairy pose seems to have worked its charms.

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