Park Eun-bin dishes on her motivations, priorities, beautiful times in her life, and more

Park Eun Bin (image via @VogueKorea/Twitter)
Park Eun-bin (image via @VogueKorea/Twitter)

Extraordinary Attorney Woo star Park Eun-bin, in a recent interview with Vogue, shared intricate details about her personality and life. The actress spoke about several things, ranging from the motivation behind her career as an actress to some of the most priceless moments of her life.

The interview followed a photo shoot with the star for the magazine's upcoming pictorial. On October 27, 2022, Vogue published a fantastic photo display of Park Eun-bin. It was themed on the color pink, which resonates with her unique persona.

Park Eun-bin appeared in the shoot donning a flashy pink outfit while striking a number of out-of-the-ordinary poses and giving us some dreamy eyed expressions. Fans of the idol were ecstatic after coming across the visuals.

"I have an innate resistance that keeps [my passion] burning steadily": Park Eun-bin reveals the secret behind her success

Park Eun-bin, who has become an international sensation with her heartwarming depiction of a neurodivergent person in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, has once again enamored fans by exhibiting her sophistication, allure, and enigma in a recent photo shoot with Vogue.

Following the photo shoot, the Do You Like Brahm actress shared the inspiration behind her career. Explaining why she chose to act and continue in the industry, the actress said:

“When I was young, I was always worried about whether being an actress would fit my aptitude [because] there were a lot of talented and sociable people. But gradually, I built up a belief that even if people are introverted like me, they can bring more explosive power, and I think that kind of personality helped to keep me acting steadily. The reason why I was not burnt out early is probably because I have an innate resistance that keeps [my passion] burning steadily.”

The closing phrase of the final episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo was:

"My life is weird and strange, but it's valuable and beautiful!"

This message continues to resonate in the hearts of many viewers. In relation to this, Park Eun-bin was asked to share an experience in which she felt "valuable and beautiful."

The incident shared by the actress was one of her first fan meetings, which was recently held. According to the artist, the event was highly wholesome as people of all ages and walks of life shared their love, making it an enriching yet humbling experience.

“The energy from the people looking at me with loving eyes really made me happy. People of all ages came, and it was very touching and moving as I realized that I had become an actress who is loved by so many people. Even then, I was in tears. (Laughs) I can’t always win their hearts, but I thought it would be nice if I could at least become an actress who is not shameful. It was an empowering, valuable, and beautiful moment [for me].”

On October 23, 2022, Park Eun-bin hosted her first-ever Asian fan meeting trip titled 2022 PARK EUN BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour EUN-BIN NOTE: BINKAN in Manila, Philippines.

Fan meetings are an essential aspect of the K-pop Industry - it gives people a glimpse of the human behind the various roles a star dons. It is also a way for celebrities to gauge their impact on a massive amount of people - it is heartening to see the love and the applause that one gets during these meet and greet sessions.

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