“Passively aggressive bully”: Below Deck fans slam Alissa for her behavior towards Camille in episode 7

Alissa from Below Deck (Image via Instagram/@alissaveronicaa)
Alissa from Below Deck (Image via Instagram/@alissaveronicaa)

Bravo's Below Deck season 10 returned for a brand new episode on Monday night, January 9, 2023 at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT. This week, the crew witnessed some of the most demanding guests board the yacht. From criticizing the food to lighting their cigars backwards, the guests left many fans annoyed.

However, apart from the guests' drama, the animosity between Camille and Alissa continued. After receiving one final chance from Captain Sandy, Camille was torn to shreds and was worried, but she tried to turn things around.

She did a lot more work than usual, but that was only when she was in front of Captain Sandy or Frazier. When the two weren't around, not a lot of things changed.

Towards the end of the episode, things took a wild turn when Camille refused to complete a delegated task. Hayley told Camille that she had assigned her an ironing task. But the Below Deck stewardess, refused. This led to an argument between Camille and Alissa.

Instead of trying to put an end to it, Alissa tried to escalate the argument. Alissa also threatened Camille that she would tell the captain about her.

They were yelling, Camille was cussing, little did they care about the fact that the guests were close-by and could clearly hear them.

However, the guests weren't the only ones who heard them argue, even Captain Sandy did. Right when Captain Sandy and Frazier were getting a better opinion of Camille, they heard the argument. The Below Deck captain was shocked at their behavior.

Fans who witnessed Alissa's behavior took to social media to share their opinions.

"She is just a bully": Below Deck fans are criticizing Alissa for her behavior

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Alissa was trying to tear Camille down even though she was trying to improve. Some also added that Alissa was passive aggressive and a bully. A few fans shared that Alissa was not the boss of Camille.

Here's a brief recap on what happened in episode 7 of Below Deck

This week on the yacht, the crew welcomed a new bunch of guests. Sadly, they weren't as much fun as the previous guests that the viewers witnessed this season. They were very demanding and also criticized Chef Rachel's food.

In their long list of preferences, it was mentioned that the guests were cigar aficionados. Frazier, who had an idea or two about Cuban cigars, decided to get some and keep them for the guests. However, what surprised everyone was seeing them light the cigar backwards.

Ben, a deckhand, noticed it first and shared:

"They're all smoking their cigars backwards."

During her confessional, Alissa, who was lighting the cigars for them, added:

"It is so funny f**king funny to see these guests smoking their d**k-like cigars backwards, b*lls deep in their mouth. I love it."

One guest also asked Frazier for a paper napkin to spit out the chorizo that Chef Rachel served them.

Below Deck airs every Monday night at 8 pm ET, only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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