Piers Morgan hacked: Shocking tweets about The Queen, Messi and Ed Sheeran leave internet in splits 

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan's Twitter account was recently hacked (Image via Getty Images)

Piers Morgan recently found himself on the Twitter trending page after some shocking tweets were posted from his account, including tweets about Lionel Messi and inappropriate comments on The Queen and Ed Sheeran.

Although his followers were initially stunned by the nature of Morgan’s tweets, many were quick to conclude that the British journalist’s account was hacked.

🚨#BREAKING: @piersmorgan Twitter account with over 8.3 million followers has been just hacked

One of the most shocking tweets about the late monarch on the hacked Twitter account read, “F*** the Queen.” Other tweets saw the account referring to Ed Sheeran as “ginger p***k and “ginger f***er.”

The alleged hackers also sent a tweet to former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to get a haircut and dubbing him an “ugly b*m.” Another tweet saw the hackers writing “Messi is the real [G.O.A.T emoji] and Mbappe.”

🎙️| Piers Morgan via Twitter:“Messi is the real 🐐.”

The hackers called Messi “Goat,” an acronym for “Greatest of All Time,” from Piers Morgan’s account after the broadcaster made news for calling out the soccer star following Argentina’s win at FIFA 2022.

Morgan previously slammed Messi for his behavior during the World Cup final and accused him of being abusive towards others on the field. He drew comparisons between the athlete and Cristiano Ronaldo and wrote:

“So yesterday, Lionel Messi abused the referee, abused the rival coach and abused one of his opponents. Methinks if Ronaldo did that, it would get a tad more media attention.”

However, the contradictory sentiment about Messi from Morgan’s hacked account left social media users in splits. While many responded to the hack with hilarious comments, some also interacted with the hackers, asking them to provide an insight into Morgan’s DMs.

One Twitter user also wrote:

“I want to see why Piers hate Megan Markle so much. Go to Megan’s DMs”

The hackers even replied to the requests, saying there was “nothing interesting” in the broadcaster’s private messages.

Piers Morgan's hacked Twitter account (1/2) (Image via Twitter)
Piers Morgan's hacked Twitter account (1/2) (Image via Twitter)
Piers Morgan's hacked Twitter account (2/2) (Image via Twitter)
Piers Morgan's hacked Twitter account (2/2) (Image via Twitter)

Morgan’s Twitter display name was also changed three times to “Michael,” “Lol” and “Piers C**t,” while his bio read “Chucking Squad.” Reports suggest that the account was presumably taken over by a group of hackers identifying as The Chucking Squad.

The hacker collective has previously been associated with hacking attacks on celebrities and public figures like Mariah Carey, Jack Dorsey and Jason Derulo. The group has also been accused of sim swapping attacks in the past.

Netizens reacts to Piers Morgan Twitter hack

Piers Morgan's hacked Twitter account left netizens in splits (Image via Getty Images)
Piers Morgan's hacked Twitter account left netizens in splits (Image via Getty Images)

Social media users were recently left in shock after Piers Morgan’s Twitter account displayed some inappropriate tweets about The Queen, Boris Johnson, Andrew Tate and Ed Sheeran and showered praise on Lionel Messi.

The account was reportedly hacked by a group called The Chuckling Squad who even interacted with netizens from Morgan’s account. In the wake of the incident, several people took to Twitter to respond to the hack with hilarious memes and funny remarks:

Guys @piersmorgan Twitter has been hacked and it’s hilarious
@piersmorgan he is hacked😂😭Look at his profile
Someone seems to have hacked Piers Morgan Twitter account. It is #messi at the moment no pun intended#PiersMorgan
Seems like Piers Morgan's account got hacked. 😅…
Piers Morgan trying to figure out who hacked his Twitter:
…Did Lionel Messi hack @piersmorgan’s Twitter account? 😂
@piersmorgan “messi is the real 🐐”

Nearly an hour after the hack, Twitter possibly took action against the attack and cleared the majority of the offensive tweets. The posted content was replaced with a message stating: “This Tweet is unavailable.”

Even the details of Piers Morgan’s account, including profile image, banner photo and bio, were also removed. As reactions continue to pour in online, it remains to be seen if the journalist will address the hacking incident in the days to come.

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