Producer SUGA trend takes over Twitter as BTS star gets set to collab with Psy on comeback track 'That That'

Fans are about to be treated to some good music (Image via @42psy42/@agustd/Instagram)
Fans are about to be treated to some good music (Image via @42psy42/@agustd/Instagram)

World-famous singer Psy has crowds all over the world going wild again. The South Korean singer recently released a teaser for the title track That That, which is produced by the global sensation BTS' SUGA.

The exciting collaboration has created ripples on the internet, with several fans being stunned to see SUGA’s name written on the official teaser poster.

The video also showcases snippets of the melody, which sounds great and is a bit different from the musician’s usual discography. That That will be Psy's title track for his forthcoming album 9th, which is set to drop on April 29, 2022.

Fans chant 'Producer SUGA' on Twitter

On April 26, 2022, the Gentleman singer officially announced his brand new single That That, produced by BTS’ SUGA. The song is set to drop alongside a unique music video concept and the rest of the album.

The accompanying teaser released for the That That music video opens with the Gangnam Style singer in a Wild West-esque town, wearing a brown colored fringed cowboy suit.

The singer runs in slow-motion towards the camera with a gentle and rhythmic guitar strumming melody playing in the background. The singer then, slowly jumps and falls and the video slowly fades away.

Upon hearing the update, fans took to Twitter to create waves on the platform trending with "Producer SUGA." They expressed their excitement over the new collaboration and stated that this new project would be huge for both musicians.

Manifesting a daesang to Yoongi for best producer 🕯
Producer SUGA looking pretty as hell 🤍
“Our producer” 🥰
he is an incredible professional, with so much talent and dedication, it is inexplicable. min yoongi is THE producer! ♥︎ #SUGA
@agustdfms @BTS_twt Genius MIN PD👍👍👍 Yoongi is best💜💜💜

Psy shares video on meeting BTS' SUGA

On the same day, the Gangnam Style singer shared a video titled #Best_Friends_16Years_Apart on his official Instagram account which showcased a short interview between him and the K-pop idol SUGA. Both musicians were asked how they felt upon meeting each other and their replies were the sweetest.

Psy stated:

"When meeting younger artists, I don't want to make them uncomfortable. I don't want to be someone hard to approach."

SUGA replied:

"At first, because he is many years my senior, someone who is well-respected in the business, I was quite nervous."

The Gentleman singer continued:

"SUGA isn’t just my junior in the business but also he truly feels like a friend. It was hard to find any age gap"

SUGA continued:

"It felt like working with a childhood friend, so it made the songwriting process much more fun. We became besties in a way."

Psy ended the short interview by showcasing his excitement and said:

"If he thinks of me as a bestie, that's great for me. Woohoo!"

Psy has collaborated with many artists for his upcoming album like K-pop superstar Hwasa, Heize, Crush, Tablo, BTS’ SUGA, and more. The album will include a total of 12 tracks, including exhilarating dance songs to tracks with soothing melodies.

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