"Pure entertainment": Carolyn and Carson's hilarious immunity challenge exchange has Survivor fans trending memes

Carolyn and Carson were paired up for the Survivor immunity challenge
Carolyn and Carson were paired up for the Survivor immunity challenge (Image via @arrionna30/Twitter)

Popular reality competition series Survivor season 44 aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 8 pm ET on CBS. It documented the remaining cast members participating in a series of reward and immunity challenges while also forming alliances, developing strategies and potential blindsides to secure their safety in the competition, and take it all the way to the end.

On this week's episode of Survivor, Carolyn and Carson were paired for the immunity challenge. However, they were eliminated in the first round as Carolyn couldn't get herself out of the net. But the hilarious exchange between her and Carson caught the attention of viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Carson expressed that he was sick and proceeded to puke in the bushes. His energy was at an all-time low as he advised his teammate on how to get out of the net. In complete contrast to his demeanor, Carolyn was screaming at her highest pitch as she tried to figure out how to free herself.

Fans found the exchange hilarious and proceeded to trend memes about the situation. One tweeted:

Fans trend memes inspired by Carolyn and Carson's performance in the Survivor challenge

Fans took to social media to express that they found Carolyn and Carson's exchange hilarious. They felt that Carolyn and her high-energy screams were in perfect contrast with Carson, who was trying his best to offer suggestions while struggling with his health.

It a pair-based immunity challenge this week on Survivor

Tonight's episode of Survivor saw the cast members reeling from last week's elimination. As they headed back to camp, Yam Yam felt lucky that he survived the vote as he knew it as either going to be him or Matt. The latter's showmance, Frannie, was upset with him being gone, while Kane and Brandon were happy to witness Matt's elimination.

The official synopsis of the episode read:

"A war between old tribes risks creating a shift in power; castaways get twisted and caught up in the immunity challenge."

Viewers on Survivor witnessed a tribe war in the episode. In a conversation with Yam Yam, Heidi expressed that it was time they voted a former Ratu member out. Yam Yam noted that Tika was in between Ratu and Soka's war but told fellow Tika member Carolyn that they should keep playing in the middle.

The following morning, the castaways were gathered in the jungle when Carson fell sick. He then threw up in the bushes, noting that it was a great day for him in the game. The cast then received a tree mail where it was revealed that they would be divided in pairs for their upcoming immunity challenge.

Survivor host Jeff Probst then explained the rules of the challenge. Before departing for the same, the castaways divided themselves into pairs - Carolyn & Carson, Danny & Lauren, Kane & Brandon, Frannie & Yam Yam, and Heidi & Jaime. The first round of the challenge was an obstacle course.

The first four pairs to complete the challenge would move on to the second round. The two pairs completing that round would move on to battle in a wall endurance challenge from where only one player would win. Considering it was individual immunity, the castaways decided to do their best.

As soon as the first round began, Carolyn struggled to twist herself out of the net. She let out many screams while an unwell Carson gave her ideas to get out of the situation. Eventually, she was unable to do so and the pair unfortunately lost the challenge. Kane & Brandon and Danny & Lauren advanced to the final round, and by the end of the challenge, Lauren won individual immunity.

Season 44 of Survivor has been immensely popular since its premiere. As the installment progresses, the remaining contestants will have to give it their all to ensure their safety. Viewers will have to stay tuned to witness what happens in the coming weeks.

Don't forget to tune in to a brand new episode of Survivor next Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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