Seungkwan goes all heart-eyes after meeting Wonder Girls’ Sohee

SEVENTEEN's main vocal Seungkwan with Wonder Girls' Sohee (Image via Instagram/pledis_boos)
SEVENTEEN's main vocal Seungkwan with Wonder Girls' Sohee (Image via Instagram/pledis_boos)

SEVENTEEN’s Variety King Seungkwan was at a loss for words when he met his all-time favorite idol, Sohee of Wonder Girls recently. The 24-year-old Rock with You singer appeared on Sohee’s YouTube channel broadcast on August 12, 2022.

Known as the K-pop professor Mr. Boo and the unofficial Variety King, Seungkwan showed his fans a whole new side of himself. Meeting Sohee had rendered him speechless. The SEVENTEEN idol offered rushed answers, thanked his host continuously, was unable to maintain eye contact, and could not bring himself to stop smiling.

ahn sohee saying she really liked seungkwan's ost 'the reason'the way seungkwan reacted 😅 he let his inner fanboy out!

The SEVENTEEN member has been vocal about being a WonderFul (name given to Wonder Girls’ fans) for years. He even revealed that he danced to the girl group’s songs at his elementary school talent show.

seungkwan said to sohee that he was in 4th grade of elementary school when he became a fan of wonder girls. he said everyone at the time were all into 'Tell Me' #승관

Sohee was just as nervous on meeting the guest, whose knowledge of K-pop and being a WonderFul was well-known in the industry. The exciting episode, which clocked in at around half an hour, became the two fandoms' most cherished interaction.

SEVENEEN’s Seungkwan meets his favorite idol, Sohee from Wonder Girls


Mononymously known as Sohee, Wonder Girls’ Ahn So-hee's interaction with SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan was a much-awaited broadcast since its teasers dropped a few days ago.

Courtesy of the numerous variety shows the HOT singer has featured in, his love for Sohee and Wonder Girls isn’t hidden from the public. The idol shyly greeted Sohee and even covered his face with his hands due to the excitement.

Seungkwan’s nervousness and enthusiasm were clearly visible. He kept fidgeting around, laughing, and found it difficult to believe that he was finally meeting the person who held an important place in his life.

successful wonderful boo seungkwan 💖

During their conversation, the SEVENTEEN member shared that he danced to Wonder Girls’ Tell Me in school. He also added that he could only proudly wear the K-pop professor Mr. Boo title because he got interested in K-pop, thanks to Sohee’s group:

“Actually, some people call me K-pop professor, because I love K-pop so much, but everything began from WonderFul. I mean it. WonderFul has the biggest portion.”
seungkwan said he first became a wonderful when he was in 4th grade, and he was drawn into the fandom through 'tell me' 🧡he mentioned his nickname 'kpop professor', and told sohee the root/source of the nickname comes from 'wonderful'

The Rock With You singer even shared that he was in fourth grade when he first listened to Sohee and her members, and instantly fell into the K-pop rabbit hole. Sohee also shared her YouTube watch history with the SEVENTEEN member, telling him about the homework she did for him.

seungkwan successful wonderful 😭…

The duo shared many fun, awkward, yet adorable interactions. They talked about their favorite songs which were, interestingly, not very mainstream tracks, making the revelation more surprising and loving for their fans. The two idols also discussed working on a project together in the future, showering each other with compliments, gifts, and more.

and sohee prepared a cake to congratulate seungkwan on seventeen's comeback and gave him body mist+hand sanitizer made by herself 😭 seungkwan had to have been on cloud 9 aww
seungkwan introduced himself to sohee and said he's a real wonderful (wonder girls fanclub) #승관🐻: ah what should i do?👤: i thought you won't be this nervous, were you?🐻: what is this? i'm feeling this for the first timecaption: boo who can't look in the eyes and nervous
sohee wanted to ask seungkwan's favor whether he could sing an ost if she plays a role in a drama but seungkwan thought she wanted him to sing a song at her wedding HAHAHA 😭

Both Sohee and Seungkwan continue to enjoy immense popularity from their fans and respective representative generations. Wonder Girls was a prominent second-gen girl group that opened the international seas for K-pop much before any other act. SEVENTEEN, on the other hand, boasts over five million selling albums, K-pop Variety Kings' title, and a massive global fandom.

In recent news, SEVENTEEN is currently busy with their BE THE SUN World Tour in the United States.

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