5 iconic moments from The Game Caterers' HYBE Family Special Part 1

Kazuha and Hueningkai showing their skills (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kazuha and Hueningkai showing their skills (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Game Caterers is back with its fun-filled activities and over-the-top entertainment. Na Young Seok PD collaborated with HYBE, the biggest Entertainment company in Korea, for exciting events and games with groups under the agency.

There is nothing more entertaining for K-pop stans than watching their favorite idols and groups partake in all sorts of amusing activities. The banter and chaos that reigns the arena is the definition of serotonin for fans, and The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE episodes offered just that.


ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN, LE SSERRAFIM, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, fromis_9, and soloists Lee Hyun, Baekho, and Hwang Min-hyun, tightened their belts to rejuvenate fans with their charming persona. They also competed against each other in intelligence and strength games, showing their dedication to the picnic.

The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE brings the best of K-pop together

1) The tables turned, quite literally

Even the camping ground in Yeoju couldn’t control the fourth-generation band’s invigorating fervor. The first episode started with the team introductions. From fromis_9’s DM and Stay This Way performance to SEVENTEEN’s short skit on HOT, groups came with thoughtful acts.

On the other hand, like their playful persona, TXT graced everyone with something entirely out of the box. The playful band members sat grooving to the beat of their debut song CROWN for five seconds before flipping their desks and running forward for the Good Boy Gone Bad performance.

They turned the tables quite literally and gave a lively boost to The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE picnic. Lee Hyun, who was already nervous about the group introduction, was taken aback further by the chaotic energy.

“God, I’m getting a headache.”

2) When LE SSERAFIM ballerina kicked off with a bang

With one amazing group introduction came another. The dedication the HYBE family had to serve the best first impression makes one giggle and laugh to some extent. Even though it was a casual picnic, members surely didn’t treat it as one.

Filled with a competitive spirit, the rookie group LE SSERAFIM walked up to the center of the ground looking like runway models with FEARLESS as the background song.

While other members stood still for the perfect beat drop, Kazuha shook everyone with her impeccable leg hold, an extremely difficult ballet move.

According to fellow LE SSERAFIM members, Kazuha has majored in ballet and has practiced the art form for over 15 years. Her flexibility became a hot topic in The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE, so much so that Hwang Min-hyun chose her to participate in the limbo game.

3) The cookie monster or Lee Hyun?

Amongst the youthful third and fourth generation groups, the former 8eight and Homme member, Lee Hyun, was like a ray of sunshine in The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE episodes. Other groups were impressed by his mere presence in the show with them, which was reflected in their behavior towards him.

But it wasn't just his vocals that everyone was impressed with. During the third episode of The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE, various games involved strength and intelligence.


Each group had to pick out a member who would be given a task. As part of his task, SEVENTEEN's Dino had to choose someone with a big mouth and Lee Hyun was a straight answer for him.

“When I was young, I saw Hyun singing a lot. That occurred to me.”

The artist was challenged to eat a cookie, placing it vertically in his mouth and he did just that in the blink of an eye. The entire HYBE family, including the producers and staff, were shocked to witness how easy it was for him, thus making it an unforgettable and memorable moment in The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE episodes.

Adding to the amusement, TXT’s Beomgyu bravely came forward to challenge Lee Hyun only to steal the snack and run back to his team.

4) The TT team’s shoe-flying group introduction

As amusingly called by the producer of The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE, the TT team comprised Lee Hyun, Baekho, and Hwang Min Hyun. Given they were the eldest and among the earliest K-pop idols HYBE produced, everyone had huge expectations from them.

Their introductory calls by the producer, such as referring to them as “The highlight of the picnic” and “living legends of HYBE,” surely surmounted pressure on them.

Without a single strategy, the TT team graced the ground with their “never-ending” song. Al three members felt flustered and shy about performing anything grand, so the minimalists went ahead with a hand-in-the-air pose. Their walk from their tent to the center was extremely amusing and equally entertaining.


Nothing bested Lee Hyun’s plea for stopping the music. His one-liner remarks such as “this is so embarrassing” and “stop the song” were hilarious and it’s no wonder why fans loved the TT performance. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan even threw his shoes in the air as a sign of respect.

5) When everyone discovered Hueningkai’s alternate career path

During episode 3 of The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE, Beomgyu chose his bandmate, Hueningkai, to complete the impersonating challenge. While other groups felt it must be so embarrassing to be the center of attention when mimicking someone, Hueningkai was ready to take the trophy home.

The idol made a total of three impressions, Pokemon characters Togepi and Wobbuffet as well as Spongebob and each of them was remarkable. Not just the pitch and voice, but the manner of speaking was also replicated to perfection.

All K-pop artists in the camping ground were impressed with Hueningkai’s impersonating skills. Without a doubt, he will make an excellent voice actor. Fans are eager to see more of Hueningkai’s hidden talents and the upcoming episodes bind high hopes.

The three parts of the first episode have set the tone for the upcoming ones. Fans cannot wait to witness what the HYBE family offers next. The Game Caterers have successfully put K-pop stans in a delightful mood and it's only the beginning.

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