BTS x TXT crumbs: Hueningkai and Beomgyu steal their senior's family portrait in latest TO DO episode

A still of the K-pop boy groups (Image via @TXT_bighit/@bts_bighit/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop boy groups (Image via @TXT_bighit/@bts_bighit/Twitter)

World-famous K-pop boy group TXT, also known as Tomorrow X Together, recently uploaded a new episode to its fun-filled variety series TO DO X TXT on YouTube. In this episode, the staff members gave the boy group the liberty to pick anything, be it snacks or stationery items, which the members can use for their exciting indoor camping activity.

As each member went on a journey to find common commodities in the HYBE building, they found many useful items, including food products and various other condiments to go with their comfortable sleepover.


However, the episode gained a lot of attention as group members Hueningkai and Beomgyu took a family portrait of their sunbae’s BTS as they wanted to share a meal with their seniors, even though they weren’t physically present.

"It's ours now": TXT's Heuningkai supports Beomgyu's idea to take BTS's family picture for indoor camping

Since K-pop boy groups TXT and BTS are signed under the same music label, BIGHIT MUSIC. The members are often seen supporting each other. From comeback announcements to cheering on one another for their exemplary performances and wins, the groups have always been there for each other.

While BTS has a soft spot for their HYBE hoobaes and treats them like their younger brothers, the members of Tomorrow X Together are just as fond of their seniors and prove it from time to time. In a recent TO DO episode, Tomorrow X Together members Heuningkai and Beomgyu showcased their fanboy moments and amused viewers as they took BTS’s family portrait for an indoor camping activity.

For their latest episode, the members had the freedom to roam around the HYBE building, including the storage room, to find items they could use in their indoor camping. Staff members walked the corridors of the building with the K-pop idols and helped them pick stuff for their camping feast.

As the members walked down the corridors and carried their baskets filled with items, they entered a massive pantry/storage area where they found umpteen items that they thought would be useful for their fun activity.

Upon noticing BTS’s family picture on one of the shelves, group member Beomgyu immediately asked the staff members the following question:

"Can we take this BTS family photo?"

After the staff members agreed to Beomgyu’s request, group member Heuningkai supported his fellow groupmate’s idea and took the picture from the shelf. With a bright smile on his face, Heuningkai expressed his excitement at the BTS family portrait and said:

"It's ours now."

As each member collected various items and returned to the group’s indoor campsite, groupmate Taehyun immediately asked why Heuningkai and Beomgyu stole BTS’s family picture. Heuningkai sweetly replied that they were allowed to take anything and was proud to flaunt his findings and jokingly stated:

"Look at what I stole."

TXT was also hilariously serious about sharing their fun camping meal with BTS. During the video, the members asked one another to pass some food and since Heuningkai was sitting closer to the uncooked meat, he cracked a joke and asked BTS’s portrait to give him the food item.

Although Heuningkai passed the food items, he joked and stated that it was possible because of sunbae BTS. The group got to showcase their admiration and love for their seniors, but they also helped viewers have a hearty laugh with their adorable and hilarious sense of humor.

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