SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi cries and drunkenly confesses his love for his agency

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi bares his emotions on recent talk show (Images via 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube)
SEVENTEEN's Hoshi bares his emotions on recent talk show (Images via 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube)

SEVENTEEN’s performance team leader Hoshi got adorably drunk and spilled some beans in a recent My Alcohol Diary episode.

High School Rapper S3 winner and soloist Lee Young-ji hosts the newly-launched series on YouTube and the Horangi Power idol is the third guest on the show.

The episode began with the SEVENTEEN member mentioning his alcohol tolerance being only one and a half bottles. As time passed, the Horanghi Power singer got increasingly drunk and cried, while confessing his love for his agency, PLEDIS Entertainment.

Hoshi began the conversation by sharing the struggles and stress he went through during the contract renewal period. As the idol was already drunk, he ended up weeping while professing his love for PLEDIS Entertainment.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi opens up about his love for PLEDIS Entertainment and breaks down during variety show My Alcohol Diary


My Alcohol Diary is a new talk show series hosted by rapper Lee Young-ji on YouTube channel 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만. The series premiered on June 24, 2022, with TXT’s Soobin as the first guest. K-pop soloist queen SUNMI featured second, and SEVENTEEN’s very own Tiger-Hamster, Hoshi, was the third guest.

The episode’s content was tailored for the loud and mischievous 26-year-old idol. Both Lee Young-ji and Hoshi would need to take a shot every time they mentioned an English word. Barely halfway through the episode, the SEVENTEEN member was already drunk and wore his heart on his sleeves.

The Horangi Power singer discussed the hard times that arose during his contract renewal. He teared up and told the viewers just how much he loved PLEDIS Entertainment.

“Please include this too. I really love PLEDIS. They have supported us a lot since we were nothing… I really love my company.”

Before he burst into tears, the idol discussed the burden he felt during the contract renewal period. SEVENTEEN continues to climb charts and rake in success, but with thirteen members in the group, individual differences can occur.

Members can also be influenced by each other’s point of view, majorly because they’re like a family and empathize with each other, shared the 26-year-old Performance Team leader.

Meanwhile, his group members had fun teasing him on Weverse. Mingyu uploaded screenshots of Hoshi crying and Jeonghan revealed that he has a video of him practicing choreography for comeback song HOT.

Hoshi recorded the episode before SEVENTEEN’s Face the Sun release. At the time, the group’s contract renewal and the notorious air of the seven-year-curse loomed large in the air. SEVENTEEN has been active since 2015. They’ve sold millions of albums and earned the title of quintuple million-seller.

The news of all the members renewing the contract filled fans with relief. SEVENTEEN began their new era with a renewed story and passion with Face the Sun. They rebranded their logo and concept but maintained the essence of the group’s unique voice.

Judging by the incredible success of their BE THE SUN - Seoul tour, the group is here to release more incredible content and music over the next few years.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee