"I'm a hamster!": SEVENTEEN's Hoshi leaves audience laughing with his adorable cover-up at Asia Artist Awards 2021

South Korean boy band SEVENTEEN (Image via IMDb)
South Korean boy band SEVENTEEN (Image via IMDb)

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi left the audience laughing at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. December 2 was a big day for the South Korean K-Pop band, as they bagged the prestigious Daesang for Singer of the Year.

While the 13-member band were visibly ecstatic to receive this honour, their second after winning a Daesang for Album of the Year in 2019, a little fumble by Hoshi left the audience in splits.

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan stepped up to save Hoshi

Upon being announced the winners of Singer of the Year, the members of SEVENTEEN went up on stage to give speeches in a variety of languages, including Korean, English and Japanese. While the speeches went on smoothly initially, the member in-charge of thanking the audience in Japanese - Hoshi - had a stumble.

As the fan favorite idol stepped up in front of the microphone, he realized he had absolutely forgotten the Japanese speech he had memorized! But the ever charming Hoshi is not one to be at a loss for words, whether in Korean or in Japanese. The singer said, instead:

"I'm sorry! If I can't get it right next time, I'm a hamster!"

The audience, and the other members of SEVENTEEN, though, had a hard time controlling their laughter at Hoshi’s antics.

SEVENTEEN’s lead vocalist Jeonghan saved the day, joining Hoshi at the mic. He wrapped up the thank you speech in Japanese by saying:

"Carats, please take good care of us next year as well. Next year, I hope to meet you at our dome tour!"

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi had an explanation for his slip - nerves. After the ceremony was over, Hoshi reveled on the ride back home that memorizing the speech had made him extra nervous.

He said:

"I memorized that speech for two days. I can do it perfectly if you asked me to now... but earlier, when I came up, it hit me that I was actually way more nervous than I thought. It was our first time attending an in-person award ceremony in so long, and with an audience there. The audience was made up of fellow artists, and I realized that there were actually a lot of Japanese members sitting there. So I kept thinking in my head that I shouldn't make any mistakes. I wanted to make it natural. But in the end, all I said was 'I'm sorry'."

Hoshi’s apology, though, was not necessary at all, as the fans of the band and the audience were equally charmed by the cute moment. The slip went viral on social media, with many fans pointing out the hilarious reactions of other members of SEVENTEEN.

As SEVENTEEN bask in the glory of being the winners, their fans continue to enjoy Hoshi and the rest of the band's antics.

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