SEVENTEEN’s Woozi drinks for the first time, cries while talking about Circles

SEVENTEEN's Woozi cries while drinking in Dingo Tipsy Live (Images via YouTube/dingomusic)

SEVENTEEN’s award-winning producer Woozi (aka Lee Ji-hoon) made everyone emotional by confessing his love for the members and fans on Dingo’s latest episode of Tipsy Live. The 25-year-old all-rounder drank alcohol for the first time in his life on the show.

Giving in to alcohol, the idol-producer shared his genuine feelings behind writing the song Circles, and made everyone in the room emotional.

The SEVENTEEN singer-songwriter soon began trending on Twitter. CARATs could not stop discussing the idol’s reaction and his genuine feelings towards his members.

Moreover, a drunk Woozi also gave them new adorable moments to cry over, such as DK kissing him, patting him, and Mingyu consoling a crying Hoshi, among other things.

To the members, Wonwoo, and CARATs: SEVENTEEN’s Woozi drunkenly cries after talking about Circles


Woozi, aka Lee Ji-hoon, is SEVENTEEN’s powerhouse machine. He plays an integral part in the 13-member group’s discography as he both writes and produces their songs.

Circles, created by the Asia Artist Award-winning producer, was a part of the group’s latest repackaged album, SECTOR 17. It was also a song close to fans’ hearts. In the latest Tipsy Live, the producer cried while talking about it.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter got all emotional and teary-eyed while talking about Circles. He mentioned that he wrote the song as a message to all his members. He added that it was also what he “really wanted to say” to Wonwoo and the CARATs, their fans.

Woozi's crying led to a chain reaction. Wonwoo, Seungkwan, and Hoshi were seen crying too. The emotional moment also saw DK kissing Woozi on the cheeks, patting him, and keeping his arms wrapped around him.

On the other hand, Hoshi went through his own four stages of being drunk too. After the Circles mini-speech, the Spider singer also started crying. Mingyu then hugged him in order to calm him down and console him. The 20-minute episode was an emotional wreck for both the group and the fans.

“Dingo should’ve added an emotional warning”: CARATs react to drunk Woozi

The singer, songwriter, and producer Lee Ji-hoon does not often show his emotions. Thanks to all the Going Seventeen episodes, the CARAT fandom knows that he does not like much attention. He had previously also mentioned that he does not drink alcohol. So when Dingo released a chaotic Tipsy Live teaser, they thought it would be fun.

Fans initially thought that the SEVENTEEN songwriter was not going to drink, as has always been the case. He proved fans wrong in the latest Dingo episode. Fans aside, even his fellow members were excited to watch him drink for the first time.

CARATs commented after the episode that they did not expect it to be emotional. They said that the teaser was "misleading" since it showed 13 members chaotically dancing to CHEERS. However, what they received left them all emotional.

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