SEVENTEEN Seungkwan covers Taeyeon's Time Lapse as a birthday gift to CARATs

Seungkwan releases a cover of Taeyeon
Seungkwan releases a cover of Taeyeon's Time Lapse for his birthday (Image via Twitter/@pledis_17)

On January 15, 2023, when it was already SEVENTEEN Seungkwan's birthday in some parts of the world, the idol released a cover of Taeyeon's Time Lapse as a gift for fans, who were mesmerized with the track. The cover was uploaded to YouTube with a description that sends a heartwarming message to CARATs (SEVENTEEN fandom).

Given the lyrics of the song give an emotional edge to it, Seungkwan singing Time Lapse as a birthday gift to his fans had CARATs tearing up.

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan has spoken about covering this particular track quite a few times before. The idol, who has been vocal about his love and respect for his senior Taeyeon, shared that he has been working on covering the latter's song for a while now. In his message to fans, Seungkwan explained that Time Lapse holds a special place in his heart, which made it especially difficult for him to cover the song.

Despite his many hesitations, fans were happy that Seungkwan finally released the cover. As fans listened to the track that the two artists have sung at different stages of their careers, they couldn't help but shower Seungkwan with love and support. Naturally, Twitter was flooded with tweets that praised the birthday boy for his unmatched vocals that do justice to the original song.

Seungkwan message on the description of his cover Time Lapse 🥺

Fans react to SEVENTEEN Seungkwan's cover of Taeyeon's Time Lapse

It's no secret that SEVENTEEN Seungkwan is one of the best vocalists in the K-pop industry. Be it hitting triple-high notes or going low with warm vocals, he's got everything it takes to rightfully be labeled as the main vocalist of SEVENTEEN. His cover of Taeyeon's Time Lapse has only further cemented the title that he proudly holds.

hearing seungkwan's cover of time lapse made me tear up im not lying
@pledis_17 carats are always here for you seungkwan! happy birthday, thank you for this wonderful gift! 🤍
hearing seungkwan's cover of time lapse made me tear up i'm not lying

After a long period of indecision concerning which song to cover--Drawing Our Moments or Time Lapse by Taeyeon--Seungkwan finally settled for the latter and fans couldn't be happier with his choice. The touching lyrics and Seungkwan's emotion-rich vocals entranced fans, who couldn't stop talking about how beautiful the cover is.

However, this isn't the first time Seungkwan has served emotionally touching covers, including Taeyeon's Drawing Our Moments, IU's Love Poem, and Park Hyo-shin's Beautiful Tomorrow. He has also covered songs from western artists, such as Harry Styles' As It Was and Lizzo's Juice, which he covered along with Lee Young-ji.

i love all of seungkwans covers, but time lapse ... its so magical, his voice is perfect for that kind of songs. as always seungkwan shows us his beautiful vocal range and im living for it 🥹 im so proud of him, boo, you're the best🫂
Okay, so before there was 2 songs that kwan planned to cover which was drawing our moments and time lapse. He did a cover for dom first and NOW TIME LAPSE OH MY GHAD 😭😭 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEUNGKWAN 😭
This Seungkwan cover of Taeyeon's Time Lapse sounds heaven 🫶🏻 SEUNGKWAN MAH BOI I LOVE IT! 🥹

There's never been a time when Seungkwan's cover of a song hasn't been the talk of the town. While his role as a vocalist has already excelled greatly owing to his contributions to SEVENTEEN, his role as a soloist showcases much more dimension to his voice. From covering OSTs and ballads to English pop songs, Seungkwan's ability to push his horizons and challenge himself with different genres and musical styles never fails to impress his fans.

Following his promise to sing with all his heart this year too, fans are excited to hear more mesmerizing songs coming from SEVENTEEN Seungkwan. Also, with the BooSeokSoon comeback with Second Wind being right around the corner, CARATs are eagerly awaiting its release and looking forward to everything in store for them.

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