TWICE’s Momo finally apologizes to SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan on behalf of her dog

TWICE's Momo and SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment and JYP Entertainment)

Who would have thought TWICE’s Momo would have to apologize to SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan one day and that too on behalf of her dog?

TWICE‘s Momo, Nayeon, and Sana appeared on the "TheKstarNextDoor" web series hosted by Jonathan. They made their debut appearance on the show to promote their latest title track Talk That Talk. During the show, host Jonathan read their K-profiles, revealing that TWICE's Momo has a K-controlling face.

For the unversed, K-profiles are fan-created profiles of K-pop celebrities that include trivia, information, unknown facts, and hobbies.

TWICE’s Momo explained that it was due to a past beef with SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and it was kind of because of her dog. She replied that years ago, he was kind enough to take care of her dog Boo, while she and the other TWICE members ate at a restaurant.


In fact, he even cleaned up Boo’s poop. TWICE’s Momo reasoned that perhaps it could be because Boo and SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan share the same name. For those unaware, Seungkwan’s real name is Boo Seungkwan.

TWICE’s Momo apologized to him even though it was merely an accident and we are sure Seungkwan wouldn’t mind.

TWICE’s Momo explains the reason for her alleged “cold behavior” towards SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

Misunderstandings can be a problem if not resolved and we are happy TWICE’s Momo decided to become the bigger person and explain the reason for her alleged “cold behavior” towards SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan.

The Talk That Talk singer reasoned that she traumatized the HOT singer many years ago. Since their respective groups often bumped into each other because of their respective schedules, Seungkwan made a joke which Momo didn’t understand due to her lack of proficiency in Korean at that point.

TWICE had just debuted at the time, and she wasn't comfortable mingling with other idols, so she just stared at him blankly, which traumatized him because he assumed he had offended her with his harmless joke.

Although the incident occurred years ago, it appears that Seungkwan remembers it because he mentioned it in a previous V-live.

TWICE's Momo also addressed the incident in a subsequent V-live, presumably after hearing Seungkwan's side of the story. She also thanked him for cleaning her dog Boo’s poop.

Here's how their fans reacted to the apology

Both fandoms, ONCEs and CARATs, thought the story was cute and amusing and took to social media to express their feelings.

ONCEs and CARATs chimed in that “Boo has no shame” referring to Momo’s dog.

Fans found Momo and Seungkwan's incident amusing and cannot believe Momo's dog caused such a long misunderstanding between the two idols.

TWICE’s Momo reveals how once she was not allowed in her own fansign event

Surprises are nice and fun but sometimes they can backfire on us and Momo learnt it the hard way.

TWICE is currently promoting their latest album, That That Talk, and made an appearance on Jonathan's show, "TheKstarNextDoor." She made some interesting revelations on the show, including the fact that she was once denied entry to her own fansign event.

The Talk That Talk singer explained that she wanted to surprise fans at one of TWICE's fan events by appearing from the crowd. She even went all out for the occasion. She was barred from attending her own group's fansign event, however, because she failed to notify the staff of her grand plans in advance.

When she revealed herself to be Momo from the group, the staff realized their error and let her in. She said:

I was like ‘What do I do‘ and ‘I am TWICE.‘ And they let me enter, saying sorry.

In other news, TWICE's most recent album, Between 1&2, has received over 27 million first-week Spotify streams. TWICE's new album has become the year's biggest first-week album debut by a K-Pop girl group on Spotify.

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