Meet the who's who in TWICE: The Selfie Lover, The Ghosting Master, and more

TWICE members share fun secrets of the group in a Who's Who interview (Image via @TWICE/Twitter)
TWICE members share fun secrets of the group in a Who's Who interview (Image via @TWICE/Twitter)

In a fun interview with Buzzfeed, TWICE members treated fans with some insider information. They spilled the beans on which members were most likely to forget the choreography and who loved taking selfies, among other fun things.

The relatability quotient of the members was as high as they were reminiscing the times while jokingly exposing others.

TWICE plays "Who's most likely to...?"

1) Most likely to mess up the choreography or lyrics on stage

TWICE's Jeongyeon was one of the first to get hilariously voted out. She adorably explained how she'd forgotten her steps in Touchdown. Nayeon cheekily owned up to having previously forgotten the same quite a lot of times as well.

Jihyo being the responsible leader, tried to clear the confusion and chipped in to explain how Jeongyeon hadn't forgotten her steps but was confused about the last-minute choreography change on stage.

2) Most likely to gobble up the choreographies first

Mina and Momo were voted the quickest at learning choreographies, while the others took a lot more time to catch up. Momo was the expert at quickly picking up some of the most challenging steps in the group. At the same time, Mina was a master at not just mastering routines quickly but remembering them for the longest time.

3) Most likely to be found at the gym

Group leader Jihyo dished out her health secrets when she was voted the member who spent the most time at the gym. Glowing skin and a toned body are a product of her efforts in her consistent workout sessions. Jihyo mentioned that she loves lifting weights and prefers more aggressive workouts than pilates because it makes her sleepy.

Kudos to the leader for still dragging herself towards a fitter life and motivating the world to do the same.

4) Most likely to ghost on text

Moving towards texting, maknaes Chaeyeong, Tzuyu, and Dahyun were voted as the ones who would always reply late on the group chat.

Nayeon, however, disagreed and shared that Chaeyeong would reply to their personal texts fast. The highlight was Jeongyeon sulking over Chaeyeong not even responding to her birthday calls while Nayeon comforted her.

5) Most likely to be caught taking selfies

Dahyun was voted as the queen of taking selfies. Jihyo being the observant one, absolutely nailed everyone's selfie angles as she playfully teased them all. Sana was a close second when it came to pleasing her fans with her angelic face every other day.

6) Most likely to be caught playing video games

Mina and Jeongyeon were elected as the leaders of the gaming department when the latter explained that she was obsessed with the JYPNation Superstar, to which Mina being her usual savage self, replied,

"I stopped playing when I won first place."

7) Most likely to feed the whole group

Mina and Momo were the ones to cook the most for everyone else, while Sana was the most likely to order out. Momo hilariously added that her lack of social life and not her love for cooking led her to take up the job of feeding the other group members.

8) Most likely to start a new TikTok trend

When asked to point out the member most likely to start the next big TikTok trend, Dahyun and Momo took the prize, while Jeongyeon was voted as the one to write the next TWICE hit song. She revealed that she's already working on one, so naturally, all ONCEs are already looking forward to it excitedly.

Throughout the interview, TWICE's eldest Nayeon and leader Jihyo elicited older sibling vibes as they tried to make everyone feel included. It was also a treat for sore eyes as Jeongyeon returned after her hiatus and was her usually chirpy self.

TWICE is JYP's most successful girl group, with some incredible feats such as being the first K-pop girl group with the Gaon Platinum certification and charting #1 on both Billboard World Albums chart and Billboards World Digital Songs chart.

After a successful and sold-out concert, TWICE will be returning with their fourth Japanese album, Celebrate, on July 27.

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