SF9’s gets into minor car accident, agency confirms no one was hurt

SF9 (image via @FNC_ENT/Twitter)
SF9 (image via @FNC_ENT/Twitter)

K-Pop boy band SF9 got into a minor car accident on their way to the National Sports Festival in Ulsan. FNC entertainment, the group's agency, issued a statement confirming all the idols' safety. Due to the accident, the group arrived late to the closing ceremony for the National Sports Festival.

The Korean National Sports Festival is a national-level inter-province sports tournament that takes place in South Korea annually. In October each year, for a whole week, around 20,000 athletes representing 16 towns and provinces across the nation compete in approximately 40 sporting events.

Agency apologizes for worrying SF9's fans

In a statement issued by FNC Entertainment, the agency apologized to fans for bombarding them with the sudden news of the car accident. In a statement, the agency explained the cause of the unfortunate event. The statement read:

“Today, SF9 was traveling to participate in the National Sports Festival Closing Ceremony in Ulsan. While at the rest stop we visited briefly, there was a minor incident where a car that was parking scratched a part of SF9’s parked car. At the time, the members and staff were all in the rest stop after exiting the car, so we want to announce that there were no injuries.”

Continuing, the agency explained why the group arrived late to the closing ceremony.

“After, because of incident management and vehicle reorganization, we ask for your understanding that we were unable to arrive on time to the scheduled event. We also deeply apologize for causing an inconvenience to fans who must have been shocked at this sudden news.”

In conclusion, the group extended its gratitude to fans

“We promise to always complete schedules in compliance with our artists’ safety and we send a message of thanks to fans who, in addition to the Ulsan performance, are sending lots of support.”

More about the SF9

SF9, an acronym for Sensational Feeling 9, is a nonet K-Pop group and FNC entertainment's first boy band. The group debuted in 2016 with the album, Feeling Sensation.

At the start of the year, two of the group's idols, Inseong and Youngbin, enrolled for their mandatory military service. Additionally, the group's idol Rowoon also sat out of the promotional event for the group's comeback album. Thus, the K-Pop group made its comeback in July as a six-member group with the album WAVE OF9.

Next month the group is scheduled to commence their "LIVE FANTASY #4 DELIGHT" tour with a three-night concert in Seoul before continuing to perform in five cities of the United States.

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