"She's the center of hate these days": IVE Wonyoung receives hate for eating pizza in a particular way

IVE Wonyoung gains criticism for eating pizza (Image via Twitter/@IVEstarship_JP, @jiwonchestnut)
IVE Wonyoung gains criticism for eating pizza (Image via Twitter/@IVEstarship_JP, @jiwonchestnut)

The passing round of a particular clip of IVE Wonyoung eating pizza has again raised controversial debates among Netizens. On January 20, 2023, the pizza chain Papa John's released the advertisement and its behind-the-scenes that the K-pop girl group IVE starred in. While many majorly enjoyed it, a part of the behind-the-scenes that had Wonyoung eating a slice of pizza has garnered attention, yet again surrounding the idol controversies.

While most fans do agree that IVE Wonyoung eating the pizza wasn't typical, given that she was shooting for an advertisement that required the idol to act and eat in certain ways, fans find it unacceptable for Wonyoung to be the center of negative attention for baseless and unfair reasons.

@Koreaboo Just because it's Wonyoung. She's the center of hate these days , it's unfair that she got hated for everything she does..

Fans defend IVE Wonyoung after Netizens attack her with unnecessary hate

It's no secret that almost anything budding out of IVE Wonyoung turns out to be a controversial debate amongst Netizens, despite many of them being quite normal in the entertainment industry. Fans are angry at the unfair and incorrect treatment of their idol as Wonyoung's problems multiply and draw unwanted and controversial attention to her.

and that’s how you get the perfect shot in just one bite of the pizza. kpoppies clearly don’t know shit about modeling and it shows. wonyoung earning every cent as we speak so keep crying, at the end of the day she’s still beautiful and successful…
@pannchoa People here saying she’s “trying hard” while in reality you all are trying hard to find something to hate on her. Just proves how popular she is because you all can’t help but notice. While you all are hating her, she’s getting paid. Who’s really winning here? Not the haters …
you can literally see the steam coming of that pizza, meaning the pizza was probably burning hot and wonyoung did exactly what the cf director wanted her to do, eat it while looking beautiful. what a pro…

Fans feel that the digression of the topic at hand is unacceptable and unfair to all the other members who have participated in the campaign, especially since behind-the-scenes was provided to highlight how the K-pop girls worked together to make a successful advertisement. Additionally, instead of focusing on how much the K-pop girl group has grown to bag a significant brand collaboration, the negative and unrelated representation of the advertisement can easily decrease the efforts that IVE has put in for the same.

Moreover, fans think that at this point, Netizens turn every story to show IVE Wonyoung negatively, and despite the many times when they have come together to defend and shut down the baseless allegations and unnecessary scandals she has been pushed into, she still faces it quite frequently.

got them mad over eating a pizza gracefully, #WONYOUNG won again 🎉
yes wonyoung make them mad over a pizza
Iconic moments in the history of pizza ADs. Princess and Queen. The difference is that only Wonyoung gets hated 🤷🏻‍♀️ Many idols out there being bullies, fatshaming, saying the N word, writing apology letters for the ish they say but now even eating became a “controversy” topic 🤣…

However, fans who've gotten used to the constant criticism that Wonyoung receives have shifted the narrative more positively. Tired of raising disputes over the issue, fans are trying to calm down the issue by trending the keywords:

yes, make them mad

This overshadows the hate Netizens and Twitteratians have been directing toward IVE Wonyoung.

While the controversy over Wonyoung eating pizza has upset fans, they are trying to look at the bright side of the moment. Given that it's only been a little over IVE's debut, fans congratulated the seven-member K-pop girl group on their new achievement as they extended their horizons with western collaborations.


Also, given that IVE, despite several arrows of unfair criticism, has been growing impressively and consistently. They've not just created a solid and ever-growing fandom along with the impressive awards they've been bagging in such a short period. Naturally, the once powerfully defensive stance of the fans has slowly dissolved into a form of satire that they play with now.

Regardless, fans also continued to talk against the unwanted hatred IVE Wonyoung was fired with and called out Netizens for focusing on the wrong angle of their collaborative advertisement with Papa John's.

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