“She showed an incredible capacity for assimilation and hard work”: Crazy Horse Paris Director offers more insights on BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s performance 

BLACKPINK's Lisa (Images via Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)

BLACKPINK’s Lisa captivated the internet with her surprising performance at the Parisian Cabaret House Crazy Horse on September 28, 2023. Recently, Chief Creative and Brand Officer Andrée Deissenberg sat down for an interview with Off Magazine and shared insights about the three-night performance, along with the experience of working with the youngest BLACKPINK member.

The Cabaret House garnered attention from millions of fans worldwide, and many renowned artists were spotted in the audience, including Lisa's fellow BLACKPINK members Rosé and Jisoo.

According to Andrée Deissenberg, the maknae of the quartet learned the choreography for four songs within three days, showcasing her performing skills. She said,

“Everything was organized in the greatest secrecy. She came during the summer to rehearse alone without a bodyguard. She slipped into the skin of a dancer, with humility, and, frankly, she showed an incredible capacity for assimilation and hard work. In 3 days, she had learned all her choreography.”

Deissenberg further revealed the songs Lisa performed to,

“Over 3 days, LISA performed 4 solos (Crisis? What Crisis?, But I'm A Good Girl, Miss Astra) and made appearances in the opening, the mythical God Save Our Bareskin, and then in the finale (You Turn Me On).”

"She truly loves her work”: Fans react as Crazy Horse Paris Director shares insight on BLACKPINK's Lisa's performance

Following Lisa's performance at the popular Cabaret House in Paris, the artist received backlash from some netizens and was even allegedly banned in China. However, many fans and attendees stood in support of the artist, extending their support for her art performance.

Recently, Andrée Deissenberg, who has been with Crazy Horse Paris since March 2006, shared how the BLACKPINK member enjoyed working with the Cabaret team and was passionate about her job.

She said,

“She was really happy on stage, playing with the audience, throwing her scarf into the crowd… Her performance had a global reach.”

Referring to the singer's Instagram appreciation post for the Crazy Horse Team and expressing her desire to return to the house, Andrée Deissenberg added,

“On Instagram, the young Thai woman shared the images taken with the other dancers. The legend? “Don’t hesitate to call on me if needed!”

Hearing the director laud the BORN PINK singer's efforts towards the performance, fans took to social media to once again appreciate her. Several fans expressed their desire to see the performance video if it was filmed.

Here are some reactions.

Previously, the BLACKPINK maknae announced the establishment of her very own entertainment agency, LLOUD, on February 8 through her social media account. She is the second member of BLACKPINK to start her label. Fans are anticipating exciting content and music from her solo endeavors.

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