"So beautiful": Inkigayo lit up as ARMYs sing Slow Dancing with Kim Tae-hyung

V at Inkigayo (Image via Bighit Entertainment and Inkigayo)
V at Inkigayo (Image via Bighit Entertainment and Inkigayo)

On September 10, 2023, BTS' Kim Tae-hyung lit up the SBS' Inkigayo stage as he performed the iconic Slow Dancing performance that stirred up the internet, and ARMYs couldn't stop praising him for his smooth moves. The highlight of the stage was when ARMYs sang along with Kim Tae-hyung, accompanied by the light illuminated by the lightstick, ARMY Bomb.

The Love Me Again singer delivered two soulful performances on Rainy Days and Slow Dancing, which were pre-recorded at two different locations: SBS PRISM TOWER and Deungchon-dong SBS Open Hall.

As soon as Kim Tae-hyung took the stage, he mesmerized everyone with his soothing voice, and ARMYs couldn't stop praising him:

"The best part": ARMYs couldn't stop gushing over Kim Tae-hyung Slow Dancing perfomance at Inkigayo

As the Inkigayo music program began, it featured several performances by different K-pop sensations, including NewJeans, Hwasa, BOYNEXTDOOR, and others. However, the highlight of the event was none other than Kim Tae-hyung.

He truly stole the show with his two powerful and soothing performances, which not only calmed the fans present at the performance but also captivated ARMYs watching it live.

Even the main hosts of the show were excited as they announced V's arrival.

Initially, Kim Tae-hyung was seated in a room with a television and other musical instruments. He took his mic and entered the main stage, singing Rainy Days, while fans continued to show their support by waving their ARMY Bomb lightsticks.

Subsequently, as the first performances concluded, the idol presented a freestyle choreography, including a fluid dance break, which also enchanted fans.

When he showcased the choreography for Slow Dancing, fans were mesmerized by V's smooth moves and couldn't take their eyes off him. As he sang Slow Dancing, he raised the mic towards ARMYs, and they sang together, hitting the notes perfectly and showcasing the beautiful relationship between fans and him.

This particular scene was highlighted as the camera moved in circles around V, showing both V's perspective and the perspective of ARMYs, which left fans in an emotional state.

While some fans make memes with replacing the background image of the Inkigayo stage, others convey how peaceful the idol's stage performance was.

Check out how ARMYs reacted to the latest Rainy Days and Slow Dancing perfomances of Kim Tae-hyung at the South Korean popular music program SBS' Inkigayo:

Additionally, fans loved the latest choreography of Slow Dancing and are speculating that it might become a challenge video for others to participate in, creating an exciting video challenge for the idol's fans.

As the Rainy Days singer concluded his performance, he struck an iconic "V" ending fairy pose and flashed a bright smile that delighted fans. They couldn't stop swooning over his pose and also mentioned that it reminded them of the DNA era.

Meanwhile, other groups that performed at Inkigayo included PURPLE KISS, RIIZE, H1-KEY, BOYNEXTDOOR, EVERGLOW, Kim Se-jeong, YOUNG K, and others.

The Love Me Again singer will be appearing at the Running Man variety program on September 10, 2023.

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Edited by Prem Deshpande
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