"So Fairytale Coded": TOMORROW X TOGETHER stuns fans with their mesmerizing set for the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE Seoul concert

TXT mesmerizes fans with ACT: SWEET MIRAGE stage design (Image via Twitter/@ajjenomoto)
TXT mesmerizes fans with ACT: SWEET MIRAGE stage design (Image via Twitter/@ajjenomoto)

On March 25 and 26, TOMORROW X TOGETHER rolled out their ACT: SWEET MIRAGE World Tour with their concerts in Korea at the KSPO Dome. While fans already had high expectations from the group, given that they never failed to surprise the audience with the most unique and show-stopping concepts, their set during the two-night concert simply bowled fans over.


Many commended the group, the designer, and the entire team who worked to put together a wonderful set that was simply stunning and a feast for the eyes. As TOMORROW X TOGETHER progressed from one song to another, each song was accompanied by a personalized set, and even the skits in between the shift in songs had people mesmerized.

Alongside the grandeur of the concert's set, their powerful and stunning performances were a cherry on top.

act sweet mirage is so fairytale coded ohhh they did this for me i’m in love with the set design already

Fans praise TOMORROW X TOGETHER and their team for the jaw-dropping set for the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE Seoul concert

TXT's concert kicked off with a performance of Blue Hour, and to add a magical touch to the same, a huge blue-shaded merry-go-round was placed in the center of the stage. Additionally, the huge LED screens that served as a backdrop for TOMORROW X TOGETHER's performances had more magical displays like castles, glitters, and castle windows.

Needless to say, MOAs were mesmerized when the set was revealed, and many fans took to social media to comment on the same.

just finished watching act sweet mirage in seoul day 1 for the 2nd time around and i just wanna say that this is what txt deserves. my heart feels happy to know that they were able to perform in much bigger venues and to see the whole set production of the concert??? stunning!
The scale screams theatrical, like it was meant to be watched, to be anticipated, to be understood. The setlist are co-related, the VCR tells us what chapter are we, the set brings everything to life. I’m still in awe of what they did. Hands down to TXT and their team!

If that wasn't impressive enough, orange smoke and glitter blasted at the sides of the stage when the Blue Hour lyrics said,

"The orange glowing magic, before it came to an end."

The group also had other extremely realistic set props that alluded to the song's music videos. The Magic Island's performance had a small train compartment behind the members performing, the group drove into the set in a car for LO$ER = LO♡ER, and the idols were seated in fairytale-coded settings for their ending performances of Blue Spring and Farewell Neverland.

While many fans anticipated a grand set for ACT: SWEET MIRAGE, especially since TOMORROW X TOGETHER has a reputation for being extravagant with their sets, the actual materialization of it effortlessly one-upped their previous sets. Many of the songs' backgrounds took the essence of a theatrical setting by bringing in actual props instead of just using VCR.

Fans could easily connect the dots and stated that the very reason the tour is titled "ACT" is to allude to the theatre-based performances they'll be rolling out. Given that the set designs looked stunning in the images, one can only guess how much more captivating the set was for the audience attending the concert.

It is not called an ‘ACT’ for no reason. TXT is not just doing a concert to showcase their flawless discography but to portrait emotions, message, and a story for us to feel and relate. From the VCR to the actual ACT. TXT and the production team understood the assignment
saw the post about txt’s concert stage and it’s all so pretty T—T whoever is part of the production team that came up with them should get a raise
even non-fans wants to experience txt concert cause they find the stage production really pretty & extravagant, sameee 🫂🫂🫂

Additionally, fans were also very happy with the setlist. Though the world tour followed the release of their mini-album, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, the group included many of their iconic songs from previous releases. They also added some of the B-side tracks that have a special place in the hearts of their fans.

With just two days into their world tour, the group has already impressed fans with the high standards they've set for concert sets in general. This naturally makes people curious to see how TOMORROW X TOGETHER will progress with their other dates and the kind of sets they'll reveal hereafter.

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