Son Suk-ku’s drama Big Bet confirms premiere date for season 2

Featuring Son Suk-ku (Image via Disney Plus Instagram)
Big Bet featuring Son Suk-ku (Image via Disney Plus/Instagram)

On Wednesday, January 25, the Disney Plus original and production team of Son Suk-ku’s drama Big Bet confirmed that season two of the series will be released in February.

The first season of the action and crime drama Big Bet consisted of eight episodes featuring Choi Min-shik, Son Seok-koo, and Lee Dong-hwi. It told the story of a man named Cha Mu-sik who rose to the top and soon became the legendary King of Casinos in the Philippines. He did all of this without any connections or privileges. However, things turned bad when he got entangled in a murder case.

Son Suk-ku’s drama Big Bet’s premiere date, episodes, where to watch, and more

Disney + drama #BigBet to return with season 2 on February 15. It will be released 3 eps at once on its airing day and after 1 ep per week with a total of 8 eps for season 2.Naver

Son Suk-ku’s drama the Big Bet has been confirmed to return with a second season on Wednesday, February 15. The first three episodes will be released on the premiere date itself to satisfy the viewers’ curiosity.

Following the release of three episodes, new episodes will air every Wednesday at 5 pm KST for a total of eight episodes. The show will be exclusively available to stream on Disney Plus Originals.

Choi Min-shik will portray the role of Cha Mu-sik, while Son Suk-ku and Lee Dong-hwi will portray the roles of Oh Seung-hoon and Jung Pal, respectively. The show will take a drastic turn when the three of them face a severe crisis in the second season.

With the announcement of the second season's premiere, Disney Plus also unveiled a still cut. In the still, Choi Min-shik’s character Cha Mu-sik can be found in a very critical situation as he is questioned by the press and surrounded by NBI (National Bureau of Investigation).

It is safe to say that he must have been under a new crisis, and something big must have happened. Cha Mu-sik must answer about the situation he has created, or someone has created for him.

everyone is sus and you ask me to wait until feb 15th to know the rest of the story, hahahax r u kidding me😩#BigBet #BigBetEp8

Son Suk-ku’s character Seung-hoon continues to bear the accusations of three unknown murder cases. Season two will further shed light on how he will tackle all the situations mentioned above. As both Seung-hoon and Mu-sik go through many life-and-death situations, it will keep the viewers hooked until the end of the drama.

Viewers can also look forward to further developing the stories of the characters Jung Pal and Seo Tae-seok, the character played by Heo Sung-tae. The show will unravel how they are placed at the crossroads of life where trust and doubt co-exist simultaneously.

All about actor Son Suk-ku

English speaking #SonSukKu with his new buddy gjffjfj#BigBet #BigBetEp6

Son Suk-ku debuted on the American television Netflix show Sense 8 and is known for his fluent English and boxing skills. He is also the CEO of a large machine tool distribution company called GOMT (LTD).

His agency has stated that he is actively involved in the management of his company. However, for the time being, he kept himself away from his company’s work to focus on his occupation as an actor.

He has been highly active as an actor and has starred in many series. He is well-known for dramas, including D.P. season 1, Jirisan, and the Netflix drama My Liberation Diary. Son Suk-ku has been confirmed to star as the lead in the upcoming drama Murder DIEary and D.P. season 2.

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