“Spotify King Jimin” takes over Twitter as the BTS singer clocks in 1 billion streams

BTS' Jimin clocks 1 billion on Spotify (Image via Twitter/@btspicstwt_)

On October 4, Spotify reported that BTS’ Jimin clocked in 1 Billion streams for his solo songs. The BTS singer is now the first and only male K-pop star to achieve this feat with four of his solo songs - Lie, Filter, Serendipity and his debut OST With You for the K-drama Our Blues, which he sang with Ha Sung-won.

His achievement earned him the title of “Spotify King Jimin” by fans, who took to social media to congratulate the BTS member on his achievement.

BTS Jimin’s fans congratulate him for massive Spotify achievement

Jimin has proved yet again why he is one of the most versatile, popular and sought-after K-pop stars in the world. He is the lead vocalist and dancer of the K-pop group BTS.


Despite not having an official album or solo release, he has cemented his position as one of the biggest K-pop stars in the world. His four prominent solo releases have accumulated a landmark number of 1 billion streams on Spotify.

His solo song Lie from the album Wings had 187,774,097 streams while the intro and full versions of Srendipity had 328,756,974. This was followed by Filter with 324,554,698 streams and OST With You had 159,264,514 streams. All four tracks combined accumulated 1,000,350,283 streams overall.

ARMYs (the BTS fandom) stated that they were proud of the singer.

Additionally, fans are also requesting each other to keep streaming the songs so the BTS member and his songs can reach greater heights.

As fans continued tweeting about the singer, the term 'Spotify King Jimin' trended at number 27 on the worldwide Twitter trends with 34.5K tweets. Meanwhile, #Jimin1BonSpotify also trended on the social media platform with more than 33K tweets.

Apart from that, his duet song Friends with fellow BTS member V is also one of the most popular unit songs and has 180 million streams on the music platform. The song was featured in Marvel's The Eternals.

The singer reveals an interesting anecdote from group’s meeting with US president Joe Biden

BTS members were invited to the White House on May 31, 2022 to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month and to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes that were on the rise. On October 5, 2022, BANTAN TV released some exclusive behind the scenes of the group's preparations to meet US president Joe Biden.

The singer also shared an anecdote about meeting Biden with bandmate j-hope. He said that Biden deliberately spoke slower in English and emphasized each word so Jimin could understand what he was saying. He then revealed that he was surprised to see how tall Biden really was.

The singer concluded that it was an honor to meet the US president and discuss an important global issue with him.

BTS will host a global concert in Busan's Asian Stadium on October 15, 2022, to help South Korea win the bid for the 2030 World Expo. The concert will be streamed for free on Weverse, ZEPETO and NAVER NOW.

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