Squid Game’s Park Hae Soo to play Berlin in Korean Money Heist

Park Hae Soo (Screenshot from @MoneyHeist/YouTube)
Park Hae Soo (Screenshot from @MoneyHeist/YouTube)

Squid Game’s global success and Park Hae Soo’s phenomenal acting have landed him another memorable role - Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa from Money Heist. The Korean adaptation of the famous Spanish heist show was announced a few months back, but a video uploaded on Money Heist’s YouTube channel confirms Park Hae Soo as the lead, Berlin.

Netflix announced Money Heist’s Korean adaptation back in 2020. It is probably the only recent adaptation the audience is excited for, and it will feature a star-studded ensemble cast of top Korean actors reprising the characters.

Park Hae Soo receives the famous mask from Pedro Alonso for the Korean version of Money Heist

Money Heist's YouTube channel uploaded a message from the new Berlin, Park Hae Soo, announcing the premiere of the Korean version of the Spanish show.

Park Hae Soo looks sleek as he wears the famous mask, introducing himself as Berlin, Professor’s brother and right-hand man. The baton for playing the main character was passed on to Park Hae Soo from the original Berlin actor, Pedro Alonso.

In the video, Park Hae Soo, who recently became a father, gave one major clue of the differentiating factor between the Korean and the original series - the masks. Considering his previous drama gave birth to global masks trends again, the actor revealed that the Korean version would have a different mask. To show his support and gratitude, he will send the special mask to Pedro Alonso.

The Squid Game actor expressed his respect for the series and the cast, describing playing the iconic character of Berlin as “an honor.” He also shared that he is an avid fan of Money Heist. He also hopes that the audience will support the new version as much as the original.

Watch the video below:


Meanwhile, some of the other cast members include award-winning veteran Yoo Ji Tae, who will essay the role of Professor, and Jun Jong Seo of The Call and Burning fame will portray Tokyo, the trouble-maker. In an interview, the latter revealed that the characters’ personalities would be vastly different from the original ones despite having similar character names and stories.

Lee Won Jong will play the father figure, Moscow, while Flower of Evil’s Kim Ji Hoon will play his son, Denver. Model and actress Jang Yoon Ju will portray Nairobi.

The Korean version of Money Heist is directed by Kim Hong Sun of Voice and The Guest fame, with a screenplay by Ryu Young Jae, who wrote My Holo Love.

As Park Hae Soo announced, the Korean version of Money Heist will premiere exclusively on Netflix in early 2022.

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